FAQs - Edge Computing

Edge Computing application notes and information on the systems supplied by Server Room Environments including standard and bespoke solutions.

Bespoke metal cabinets can be designed and manufactured to almost any specification from a managed IT room to roadside, marine, transportation and for harsh industrial industrial applications. The metal cabinets can be used to house a suitable UPS and battery set and the IT or Internet of Things (IoT) devices required to support Edge Computing.

A micro data centre is generally a fully self-contained datacentre facility including power and cooling and therefore a suitably sized uninterruptible power supply and battery set. Micro data centres are designed to support Edge Computing applications and allow for the processing power of a datacentre to be positioned close to where it is needed i.e. within an industrial plant for Industry v4.0 applications or on a 5G infrastructure transmission site.

Edge Computing place data processing power closer to the point of use to avoid latency issues. A containerised UPS system can be designed and manufactured for specific Edge applications to include an appropriately sized uninterruptible power supply, battery set, standby power generating set and LV switchgear to power the remote Edge datacentre.

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