FAQs - Air Conditioner Repairs

Air conditioner repairs and cooling system faults in server rooms and datacentre environments.

We try to repair air conditioners on site as this is the least expensive way for clients. Depending on the size of the air conditioning unit, it can be quite difficult to remove an air conditioning system from site for repair. Where we cannot repair an AC unit on site we can work with manufacturer’s repair facilities to repair a unit or collect the unit for repair in our service workshop.

Customers with an air conditioning maintenance contracts have access to an emergency call out service number and depending on the type of contract this can include a 24/7 technical support line with a 4 clock hour response. Customers without an air conditioner maintenance contract can call our technical team during normal working hours and request a call out.

We do provide repair warranty and guarantee when we complete the repair of an air conditioning unit. The repair warranty is 6 or 12 months dependent upon the AC unit date of manufacture and brand. Where we have had to liaise with the manufacturer of the air conditioner, we pass along the warranty they provide for the repair.

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