FAQs - Service Contracts

Service contracts and maintenance cover plans for critical infrastructure systems in server rooms and datacentres.

We do offer preventative maintenance visits and inspections. Normally we offer one or two visits dependent upon the server room or datacentre equipment and the client needs. Modern UPS systems for example normally only require one inspection per year but standby power generators and critical cooling air conditioners may require two.

We classify these types of visit as a ‘health check’ and generally insist on a health check when we are asked to maintain a UPS system or air conditioner which we have not supplied or maintained. A health check can be ordered inside normal working or outside working hours. We provide a complete report following the health check assessment, with a recommendation for refurbishment, maintenance or replacement.

We split our maintenance contracts into three types including 4 clock hours (the fastest response time), 8 working hours or 12 working hours. The 4 clock hours is a 24/7, 365-day a year maintenance contract. We have been known to offer up to 2 clock hours but this is only feasible if there are one or two local engineers, who are literally on the site’s door-step.

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