FAQs - Site Surveys

Site surveys for UPS systems, cooling solutions, fire suppression and the other types of solutions supplied by Server Room Environments.

We provide free site surveys for electrical works, building works, UPS systems, generators, cooling systems and other works within a server room or datacentre, if we can schedule the visit into a normal working hour day for our project managers and the visit does not involve more than 250miles in travel. If the visit is required out-of-hours or requires more extensive travel a charge may be proposed.

The initial site survey is generally completed by one of our project managers. They will request one of our certified and trained electricians or electrical contractors to attend site with them (or to visit separately) if there is a need for extensive on-site electrical works. The works themselves are only undertaken by a qualified electrician. The electrical side of a site survey, always commences from the room distribution board or building incomer (whichever is relevant) to assess size, capacity, last test date, age of installation and suitability for the future works.

Whilst our project management team can cover most aspects of a general site survey, sometimes we also ask a member of our logistics team to attend. This can be the case, when a crane lift (hire) is required onto a roof space or to put equipment in through a window space or a HIAB lift is required to place a standby power generator over a fence onto a concrete plinth.

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