FAQs - Access Security

Access security, access control and CCTV systems used to secure datacentre buildings and server rooms.

As the term implies there are multiple security zones that a person must pass security checks at before passing through. These can include an external barrier and fencing to prevent access to car park, to outer door security guards and inner door bio-metric-type security readers.

When an access control system uses an electronic lock, the lock only opens for a time-specific period when a valid card is inserted into a card reader. Without the access card the electronic locking device will not open.

A major benefit of an electronic fob is that an intelligent entry control system can normally identify the presence of a security fob and allow access. The fobs may be zoned to only allow access to specific areas of a building. The downside is that whilst the electronic fob may be allocated to a person, it can be handed to others for access.

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