FAQs - Hire & Rental

Hire and rental questions for uninterruptible power systems and temporary air conditioning units.

We can provide a range of load banks and temporary power cables from less than 50kW to several Mega Watts (MW). This is generally arranged for clients when commissioning a new UPS system or standby power generator or during period preventative maintenance works.

We can provide temporary air conditioning solutions when you need a short-term cooling system on site to augment exiting cooling availability or have a failed system. This is common during peak temperature periods which can mean that we have limited availability from our hire stock if not pre-booked.

We do and the minimum hire period is generally from one week, up to several months. Temporary power solutions like this can be used to cover an on-site failure or short-term increase in IT load demands. UPS and generator hire is subject to quotation and site survey if the system is hardwired. Plug and play solutions can be hired directly against a quotation and/or purchase order.

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