FAQs - Airflow Management

Airflow management tips and FAQs covering server racks, cabinets, server rooms and datacentre environments.

Blanking panels can be metal or plastic and installed into the front a server rack where there is a slot not filled by equipment. Blanking panel installation prevents cold and hot exhaust air from mixing with a cabinet and helps to reduce the chance of hot spots.

An air-side economiser is a system to bring outside air into a server room or datacentre and to supply this to the servers. If the outside air is too cold (below say 18degC), the air may be mixed with hotter exhaust air from the IT facility to make sure its temperature and humidity fall within the specified thresholds for the IT room.

Airflow panels help to direct the flow of air within a server room or data centre and are used to reduce bypass airflow. In so doing airflow panels help to improve cooling system efficiency. Airflow panels either designed for vertical or directional air rooting and are installed as part of a raised access floor.

Under rack panels are designed to fit between the bottom lip of a server rack fitted with feet or castors and the raised access floor tile the rack sits on. The under rack panel directs cool air into the rack and prevents the air passing underneath the rack where it can provide little or no cooling effect.

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