FAQs - Network Cabling

Structured cabling for IP networks and individual communications cable related questions.

This provides DC (Direct Current) power over a Cat5 or Cat6 data cabling network for DC power items such as desktop telephones and other network connected items. The maximum distance between PoE points should be less than 90m as power can be lost in transmission.

Most new data cabling installations are now Cat6 and due to the backward compatibility, Cat5 applications will also work on Cat6. The difference between the two generation is transmission performance and bandwidth from 100MHz for Cat5 to 250MHz for Cat6. If an installation uses Cat7 the bandwidth can be 600MHz and each pair of wires are individually shielded to protect from external noise and interference

The accepted standard is 90m maximum between data cabling points and to allow a further 10m for patch panel connections. A patch panel connections a data cabling port to equipment in the server cabinet. Typical equipment can include server ports, data switches, telecommunications switches, CCTV cameras and WiFi equipment.

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