FAQs - Computer Room UPS

How to design and manage a computer room in order to provide a secure and managed environment for critical IT networks and servers.

Raised access floors are designed to support server racks whose weights can run up to 300Kg. In terms of a larger single or three phase UPS system for a computer or server room, the majority of the weight is in the battery set and especially if this is supplied in an external battery cabinet. Each installation design should be checked but if the weight is too high for the floor to support then options include use of a spreader plate, use of a metal plinth or situating the UPS and battery cabinet on a nearby concrete floor.

An uninterruptible power supply should be installed with an external wall mounted UPS maintenance bypass switch. The output from this can be fed to a sub-distribution board from which individual supplies can be taken either overhead or under a raised access floor to each server rack within the room and connected to the rack PDUs in an A or A and B supply arrangement.

The recommended inspection period is once a year as part of a UPS maintenance contract which should also offer 24/7 technical support and emergency call out. UPS contain consumables parts including batteries, fans and capacitors. The batteries require inspection and testing during a UPS preventative maintenance visit to ensure they are holding sufficient charge and capacity to support the load during a mains power failure.

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