FAQs - Data Centre Migrations

Server room and data centre migration service to new on-premise or Cloud facilities.

Cloud computing which is a datacentre-based service technology for data processing, storage and off-site/remote access via an internet connection. The term ‘Cloud’ is a generic one covering the application of the technology. There are a number of Hyperscale Cloud service providers as well as a number of smaller operations all of which offer a Cloud service.

There are three general types of Cloud computing and each suits a different type of organisation and circumstances. SaaS stands for ‘Software-as-a-Service’ and is the most adopted as it is easy to set-up, scale and migrate on-premise to. Many software systems now offer Cloud versions as well as on-premise versions including accounting, CRM and MRP. The two other types of Cloud computing include Iaas which stands for Infrastructure as a Service and PaaS or Platform as a Service. IaaS is a basic service offering virtualised hardware in the form of VM servers and storage solutions. PaaS is ideal for app and website development.

This is a Cloud facility created for a single organisation to use which is not open to use by those outside the organisation. A large multinational with its own datacentres may provide its own Private Cloud facility as an alternative to a public cloud offered by Amazon or Azure.

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