FAQs - Room Monitoring

Environmental and room monitoring including temperature, humidity and water for server racks and complete IT network rooms.

An increase in humidity is a sign that the air conditioning system is not optimised or failing. Monitoring humidity is therefore important. Rising humidity can also lead to corrosion and for electrical/electronic equipment can lead to potential short-circuits and fire risks.

We can supply and install complete Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software packages and the proprietary monitoring software for the systems we supply and install. For some of these bespoke alterations or custom interfaces can be requested. We also supply a wide range of interface cards and plug-in modules for remote software integration including SNMP and MODBUS/JBUS, RS232 and USB2.0.

IT equipment gives off heat, even when idle or lowly loaded. High-end computing relies on powerful servers and in a server rack the amount of power drawn can be from 5-15kW or even higher. Even if the overall efficiency is 90%, that can still lead to 1.5kW of heat to clear through the rack via the cooling system. If the temperature rises too high, IT servers can fail and there is the potential for a fire to break-out in an un-cooled server cabinet.

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