FAQs - Micro Data Centres

Micro data centre related questions including complete systems and their design components, operation and maintenance.

A microdatacentre (or micro-datacentre or micro data centre – MDC) is a self-contained managed environment (in a cubicle or container) housing server racks, cooling (air conditioning) and power (UPS system) connections. A microdatacentre is a smaller alternative to a fixed-building datacentre and allows operators to install datacentre-type processing power close to the point of need in an ‘Edge’ computing format. Once installed the operator or user simply installs and configures their IT servers into the racks,

Edge computing is a form of distributed computing on smart devices and Edge servers situated closer to the end user and point of data processing than a centralised data centre environment. Edge computing relies on locally available IT hardware in server rooms, micro and small data centres to reduce latency within the network.

An on-premise data gateway is a on-site or Edge system, node or smart device that provides quick and secure data processing between the data collected and processed on-site (locally) and an off-site (remote) location such as a Cloud datacentre.

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