Information on 3kVA UPS which can help to select the right type of 3kVA uninterruptible power supply for a critical power application.

A 3kVA rack mount UPS is designed for installation inside a server cabinet. A Tower unit is a free standing unit that normally sits on the floor. A combination Rack/Tower or Tower/Rack 3kVA UPS is dual form factor UPS designed to be installed as a 19inch rack mount UPS or a floor standing tower.

Online UPS provide a superior output than line interactive and have an automatic bypass. Online 3kVA UPS provide a break free supply whether running on mains power or inverter power. The transfer is seamless and the load sees a continuous sinewave output. With a line interactive 3kVA UPS, the main power is conditioned by a built-in automatic voltage stabiliser. When the mains power fails or fluctuates, the inverter section provides power to the critical load from the battery supply. The transfer from and to inverter and battery power can see a small disruption in the output waveform which is covered by the capacitance inherent within a critical load’s switch mode power supply.

The recharge time for a 3kVA UPS lead acid battery set should be up to 6hours but will be dependent upon the size of the battery (measured in Ah) and the size of the charger (measured in Amps). The longer the runtime, the larger the battery set installed and potentially the longer the recharge time. A rule of thumb is to achieve 80% within 24hours (formula Ah/A=recharge time). Charging in non-linear and so the last 20% can take several hours longer. For extended runtime packs connected to the UPS, the charging capacity can be increased to reduce the recharge time by using a larger charger. This may be installed inside the UPS itself or in the battery extension pack. Note that each externally battery charger will require its own AC power source. Lithium-ion batteries can recharge far quicker and reach 80-100% capacity within 2hours.

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