FAQs - Data Acquisition

Data acquisition FAQs, information and answers to commonly asked questions relating to data logging, data acquisition and industrial building automation.

Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals including Digital and Analogue that measure physical conditioners and then converting the samples to numeric values.

A data acquisition (DAQ) system consists of a data sensor device to collect the data, a terminal or PC for recording the data and the software used for analysis and reporting.

In terms of data collection, analogue data can be generated continuously by the system being monitored for sampling with examples including temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rates and motor speeds. Digital data is Digital Inputs (DI) and Digital Outputs (DO) signals that can be used to monitor or control the state of a system being monitored.

Telemetry is the collection of data and measurements at a remote location and its transmission to a receiver including a DAQ monitoring software platform.

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