FAQs - Refurbishments

Questions on refurbishment services for critical systems and complete IT facilities.

We have developed extensive services to ensure that we operate in the most eco-friendly manner possible and adhere to the relevant directives and legislation for the countries we operate within. This includes using registered WEEE/RoHS recycling centres and using carriers with Waste Transfer licenses from The Environment Agency. Our engineers are trained and operate under the principles of ISO 14001 environmental management system.

A server room refresh or refit project is the same as a refurbishment project. The process is one of refreshing existing critical infrastructure systems such as the air conditioning system or the uninterruptible power supply, environment monitoring or fire suppression system. As part of a refit the raised access floor or suspended ceiling, network structured cabling, server racks and cabinets may also be swapped out for new products and technologies.

The Server Room Environments projects and engineering team includes certified engineers from cooling and UPS systems manufacturers. We decommission and remove for environmentally friendly recycling and disposal air conditioners and their related infrastructure systems, as well as uninterruptible power supplies, batteries and standby power generators.

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