SensDesk Cloud Monitoring and Control Portal

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SensDesk is an internet-based monitoring and control portal for a range of environment monitoring and sensor devices. The SensDesk portal provides a single-pane platform from which to manage all connected devices, monitor their status on a map, compare trends over time and process alarms and message alerts.

The subscription levels include:

Feature SD FREE SD Home SD Business SD Datacentre
Monitoring 3 Devices 5 Devices 10 Devices 100 Devices*
Users 1 2 5 O/A
Log Limit 3 12 24 O/A
Push Period 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Dashboards 1 3 6 O/A
Graph Limits 1 3 6 O/A
Periodic Email Reports 0 0 2 O/A

Note: * more device packs can be added to extend the quantity of devices monitored. O/A on application and configured per client contract.

SensDesk connection is automated and easy to configure and setup.

Key Features

  • HTTPS web-based interface
  • Provides alarms via SMS and Email
  • Allows remote device configuration
  • Monitors up to 10 devices per account and unlimited sensors
  • Provides an XML output with input via Hwg-Push
  • Supports Ethernet-based environmental monitoring products: ARES GSM, SD-WiFi, Damocles2, HWG-ARES, HWG-STE, HWG-PWR3/12/25, IP-Watchdog, Poseidon2 and STE2 and other GSM/GPRS products (on application)
  • Can only be installed on-premise for sites with restricted or no internet connection – priced per project

Key Applications

  • IT network, server room and datacentre environment temperature monitoring
  • 19inch racks temperature and humidity monitoring in server rooms and industrial applications
  • Critical power monitoring including the status of uninterruptible power supplies, generators and energy storage systems
  • Room and rack access security
  • Cooling and storage temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical and food industries under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification
  • Sensor monitoring and control in smart city and public buildings, warehouses and storage rooms, hotels and rental buildings, industrial applications, pharmacy and medical, logistics and transportation, sports, distribution and retail outlets, schools, colleges and universities, telecommunications and Base Transmitter Stations (BTS).

The monitoring platform can be viewed on and it is easy to setup and configure devices.