AKCPro Server Central Monitoring Software

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AKCPro Server is a central monitoring and management software for use with AKCP devices and sensors. Third-party devices can be integrated into AKCPro via Modbus, SNMP and for compatible IP cameras using ONVIF. The software can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Access is operating system independent, viewable through a HTML5 user interface on any web browser with Google Chrome and Firefox recommended.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

AKCPro Server is a world-class software package for Data Centre Infrastructure Management. Dashboards can be configured to display the data needed with drill down mapping from data centre wide views to individual server cabinets with thermal maps form the top, middle, bottom, front and rear of the cabinets and differential temperatures, and RFID swing handle lock control and monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to monitor all connected sensors including temperature, humidity, airflow, water leak and other connected sensors.

Power Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to monitor single-phase and three-phase, generators, and UPS battery sets. The software calculates live Power Usage effectiveness (PUE) to provide a complete overview of the server room or data centre power supply.

Custom Desktops, Graphing and Drill Down Mapping

AKCPro Server can display and monitor data from the connected sensors in a variety of ways. Desktops can be customised, with different users able to save their own configuration. Graphs, maps, rack maps, video feeds, sensor status and logs can be added to desktops and a selection of gauges can be used to display sensor data.

Security Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to secure a server room or data centre at the room and cabinet levels to protect critical IT infrastructure. Audible and visual alarms can be configured and managed through custom desktops.

Access Control

AKCPro Server can administrate access control rights and schedules for doors into server rooms and data centres and into server cabinets using RFID Cabinet Locks.

Video Monitoring

ONVIF compatible IP camera video feeds can be viewed within AKCPro Software and synchronised with sensor events. AKCPro Server is compatible with AKCP, Axis, Avtech, and HIKvision cameras (please check on a model-by-model basis).