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AKCPro Server Central Monitoring Software

On Premise or Cloud
AKCPro Server Workspace Demo
AKCPro Server Workspace Datacentre Floor Plan
AKCPro Server Workspace Datacentre Footprint 3D Maps
AKCPro Server Workspace Footprint Dashboard
AKCPro Server Events Logs
AKCPro Server Sensor Ports
AKCPro Server Geographic Sensor Map
AKCPro Server Cabinet Thermal Maps
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AKCPro Server is a central monitoring and management software for use with AKCP devices and sensors. The software can be used to send email alerts to defined distribution lists. Third-party devices can be integrated into AKCPro via Modbus, SNMP and for compatible IP cameras using ONVIF. The software can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Access is operating system independent, viewable through a HTML5 user interface on any web browser with Google Chrome and Firefox recommended.

New Features in AKCPro Server version 16 (V16.0)

  • Data Centre Design Wizard: a quick way to draw up a data centre floor plan, including the number of aisles and number of racks per aisle with automatic sequential naming (rack 1, aisle 1 etc)
  • ASHRAE Standard Colour Scale: threshold colours are shown on floorplans shaded as per the AHSRAE recommended thresholds
  • 3D Mapping and Visualization: of your server room or data centre
  • sensorCFD™ Airflow Modelling: support for Computational Fluid Dynamics airflow modelling
  • Digital Twin: create a data centre digital twin and use this to compare real time performance to your design concept, model changes, identify potential cooling and enery usage savings
  • Asset Maintenance Log: export as a CSV file for further analysis
  • Asset duplication assets: can be duplicated so you don’t need to repeat work making new assets each time
  • Asset Import/Export: import assets that have been created in another ACKPRo Server instance
  • Import/Export rack maps: if you have already setup a rack map for a specific rack configuration you can import it to other APS or duplicate it to another rack map
  • Map marker search: to find a specific sensor
  • New rearm calculator: adjusted the way the re-arm for the sensor status works, where it must move by a certain value before the sensor will re-arm its status
  • Configure each desktop timezone
  • Set timezone for user
  • Import/export floor plans

Local Area Network (LAN) Installation or Cloud Operation

AKCPro Server can be installed locally on a LAN or run as a Cloud-based service.

  • On-Premise LAN Installation: up to 4 AKCP monitoring units can be connected to the AKCPro Server software for free. The software can be downloaded from the AKCP website. An annual fee is charged per additional unit from 5 upwards. If used locally, the AKCP monitoring units do not have to be on the same network. Remote units can be connected either via VPN or if the remote site has a static IP address or a DynDNS this can be used.
  • Units Year 1 Year 2+
    1-4 Free
    5+ Free Annual license fee £50 for SP1+ / SP2+ and £130 for SPX4 / SPX8
  • Cloud-based Operation: Up to four AKCP monitoring units can be connected to the Cloud-based version of ACKPro Server free of charge in the first year with an annual fee from year 2. If connecting additional units from 5 upwards in the first year, there is an additional charge per unit from year 1.
  • Units Year 1 Year 2+
    1-4 Free Annual license fee £50 per unit
    5+ Annual license fee £50 for SP1+ / SP2+ and £130 for SPX4 / SPX8

AKCPro Server Licenses

The default APS v15 software can be downloaded and installed at no charge from the AKCP website. It is important to follow the license activation steps after downloading the software. If you currently have, or require more hosts, virtual sensors etc than the default license shown below, you will need to contact the SRE projects team and include your computer/servers fixed MAC address for a quotation.

AKCPro Server v15 Features AKCPro Benefits Comments
HTML5 web-based interface Download and install at no cost No licenses required for 4 hosts, 5 virtual sensors and 4x SP2, SP2+ and WTG virtual sensors
Server-only installation required & instantaneous installation Default free licensing can be instantly activated No licenses required for 4 hosts, 5 virtual sensors and 4x SP2, SP2+ and WTG virtual sensor
Free DEMO licenses Full access to all features without any costs Default licenses or custom requests
Easy on-line license activation Default licenses can be easily activated online No delays or contact with our support team required
Unlimited devices and sensors There are no hard coded limitations on the number of devises & sensors When monitoring 1000 or more sensors we recommend using the external database option
History, Sensor Data & Reports There are no limitations to the sensor data recorded with customized & scheduled reports via xls and other formats This is dependent on the PC/server’s hard drive storage
APS can be viewed on any device with access to the APS server network View all remote units and control from any centralized location Need to ensure that the server can access the units through firewalls & routers
Ease of use – The APS software can be installed, setup and easily used for any level of your IP personal No extensive training required or learning curves Over 20 years of development went into the AKCP DCIM software focusing on ease of use
Users can view APS interface on mobile devices/tablets with access to network Increased mobility and alerting Urgent issues can be contained quickly
Centralised Alerts & Actions Email, SMS, SNMP No third-party alerting gateway’s needed (using our external GSM modem)
Easy Setup Wizards Step-by-step link sensors to notification & actions Simple & easy to follow
Rack Maps – can be graphical/animated Rack Map feature shows animated air flow etc Reduce hot air & recirculate cool air flow
Built-in GPS mapping Can be applied for all mapping features
Download or send support logs for troubleshooting Helps streamline support issues
3D visualization
Extended SMTP logging for error reporting
TLS 1.2 support
Backup and restore feature available with all new versions of APS v15 and beyond
Ability to send email alerts via office365 Option Only when purchased

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

AKCPro Server is a world-class software package for Data Centre Infrastructure Management. Dashboards can be configured to display the data needed with drill down mapping from data centre wide views to individual server cabinets with thermal maps form the top, middle, bottom, front and rear of the cabinets and differential temperatures, and RFID swing handle lock control and monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to monitor all connected sensors including temperature, humidity, airflow, water leak and other connected sensors.

Power Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to monitor single-phase and three-phase, generators, and UPS battery sets. The software calculates live Power Usage effectiveness (PUE) to provide a complete overview of the server room or data centre power supply.

Custom Desktops, Graphing and Drill Down Mapping

AKCPro Server can display and monitor data from the connected sensors in a variety of ways. Desktops can be customised, with different users able to save their own configuration. Graphs, maps, rack maps, video feeds, sensor status and logs can be added to desktops and a selection of gauges can be used to display sensor data.

Security Monitoring

AKCPro Server can be used to secure a server room or data centre at the room and cabinet levels to protect critical IT infrastructure. Audible and visual alarms can be configured and managed through custom desktops.

Access Control

AKCPro Server can administrate access control rights and schedules for doors into server rooms and data centres and into server cabinets using RFID Cabinet Locks.

Video Monitoring

ONVIF compatible IP camera video feeds can be viewed within AKCPro Software and synchronised with sensor events. AKCPro Server is compatible with AKCP, Axis, Avtech, and HIKvision cameras (please check on a model-by-model basis).

AKCPRo Server Setup

The software can be downloaded from the AKCP website at: or run as a Cloud based application.

Dual-Factor Authentification

The graphical user interface of an AKCP sensorProbe+ device can be accessed by multiple users within an organisation. Administrators can create user accounts and set privileges for those users. Using Dual Factor Authentication, an additional layer of security is added for those users logging in. When enabled, as well as entering their usual password, a one-time password (OTP) is generated, sent to their email and must be entered to gain access. This form of multi-factor authentificaiton provides a secure login method, if required.

Enabling Two Factor Authentication on your AKCP sensorProbe+ is as easy as selecting the user account and password settings, entering the SMTP mail server settings, email address to which the OTP should be sent, and time frame for expiration of the OTP.

If you are using a sensorProbe+ base unit with a built-in 4G cellular data modem, the OTP can also be sent via SMS message to the account holder’s mobile phone number. Alternatively, for even more security, the OTP can be sent to the system administrator, and the user must contact them for the OTP and authorisation to login to the sensorProbe+.