Server Room Cleaning

Nearly every type of IT equipment requires fan cooling. Air is drawn into the front of device and drawn over the power electronics and other circuits and transformers to reduce operating temperatures. The air within a IT environment is generally contaminated with dust which the fans simply recirculate until it finds a place to lay and build up.

Datacentre Facility Cleaning

Dust is a defined as a very fine powder consisting of tiny particles of waste (dirt, earth, human skin, paper, cloth, upholstery and carpet fibres and other matter) which is present in most rooms; except for controlled and filtered clean-room environments. Dust build-up can lead to potential problems: bacteria build-up, corrosion, cooling fan damage, equipment failure, heat build-up and hot-spots, static conductivity and potentially be a fire hazard. Dust can also build up in hard to reach places including the back of server racks, under raised floors where electrical and network cables are routed and even on hard to access areas such as tall server cabinets, on the top of computer room air handlers and crack units, on and in air conditioning ducting, on overhead lighting strips and within suspended ceilings.

At Server Room Environments, we employee a team of qualified IT cleaning specialists who adhere to strict server room cleaning standards by following our server room cleaning checklist and provide a complete room cleaning service including deep-cleans and post-incident decontamination. Our server room cleaning service can be used in relation to:

  • IT rooms
  • Comms rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Datacentres
  • High-tech rooms
  • Satellite office comms rooms
  • IT workstations and PCs
  • Monitors and keyboards
  • Disk drives and servers
  • Server racks and cabinets
  • Peripherals and accessories

We work with private and public-sector organisations and our service can be purchased as a one-off or on a regular contract basis.

IT System and Computer Cleaning

Our IT room cleaning procedure starts with an initial survey to assess the level and depth of the cleaning services required. We provide more than a simple screen and keyboard wipe and employ trained IT cleaning specialists with the right equipment (keyboard brushes, air canisters, degrease, decontamination and anti-static solutions), cleaning materials and processes required for the environment we are working within. Where special fan filters are used we can also replace these as part of the cleaning process.

Once we have completed our cleaning service, we leave a clean environment that will help to improve equipment reliability and employee welfare. Our managed cleaning services can be provided subject to a site survey and the generation of a site-specific risk assessment and method statement (RAMS). Work is can be carried out in a ‘live’ environment with an appropriate risk assessment or after equipment has been powered down safely.

Room cleaning can be purchased as a one-off service or contracted on a regular basis for an individual IT environment, server room or datacentre or group of buildings. We operate a 24/7 emergency cleaning service and both normal-working and outside working hours services. We can also arrange for the safe removal and disposal of waste as required.

To engage our IT cleaning specialists please contact us for free, no-obligation review and site survey.