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Fire Suppression Services
In addition to our range of data centre, server room and server rack-based fire suppression solutions, the Server Room Environments Fire team provides a wide range of related services to keep your systems operational and in the best possible condition.
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Fire Suppression Services

Our fire related service solutions range from fire suppression system design, installation and maintenance to room integrity testing, fire door installations, fire stopping, ductwork inspections, fire gas cylinder hydrostatic testing and replacement, and overall system decommissioning and strip outs.

Room Integrity Testing and Gas Suppression System Room Sealing

Server Room Environments provides room integrity testing for a range of facilities installed with fire suppression systems from server rooms, generator and battery rooms to gas turbine halls. The integrity testing service can be provided with little disruption to normal operations with a detailed report detailing all the test data, air leakage diagnoses and rectifications works (air sealing if required) and an air leakage certification

It is mandatory for all rooms protected by a gas-based fire suppression system to have an annual Room Integrity Test (RIT). The main purpose of an RIT is to make sure that the fire suppressing gas, if discharged remains within the room for a minimum of 10 minutes. This is referred to as the ‘Hold Time’ in the applicable standards. If the Hold Time is less than 10 minutes, then room sealing works are required in order to pass the RIT and meet the minimum hold time.

Room Fire Stopping and Sealing Works

Our fire service team provide fire stopping and room sealing works including the repair and maintenance of fire barriers to meet building regulations for fire barrier stopping, fire cavity barriers and structural steel fire protection. Our field engineers are FIRAS, BRE LPS1531 & LPS1197 and IFE registered, and log all works onto a sophisticated traceability system.

Room Pressure Venting

Sometimes the room that your gas-based fire suppression system is installed in may be too well sealed. In this situation, there is the danger that the room pressure could spike, when the gas agent is discharged. This can weake room integrity, for example seals, windows, doors and doorframes. Our service team can measure this risk using a Room Integrity Test and install pressure relief dampers to remove this danger, ensure compliance and system effectiveness.

Fire and Smoke Ductwork Damper Inspections

We provide fitment, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire and smoke ductwork dampers. Our field engineers can also modify and repair existing ductwork installations. Ductwork cleaning can also be undertaken when required.

Fire Door Installation, Servicing and Remedial Works

Our projects team provides inspection and maintenance for fire doors, as well as new fire door fitment and the modification or repair of existing fire door installations. This includes the replacement of intumescent seals and post installation painting and treatment.

Fire Suppression Service Plans

Server Room Environments provides nationwide service plans and maintenance contract for fire suppression systems. Our service plans include preventative maintenance visits, parts, labour and emergency call out facilities. A typical maintenance plan runs for 12months, with 3 and 5 year options available for the various types of systems we supply, including fire suppression systems for server racks.

Gas Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing and Replacement

We provide gas cylinder hydrostatic testing, replacement and disposals. Compressed gas cylinders require testing every 10 years to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. After 10 years of use, all cylinders used in fire suppression systems, including those for FM200, 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid, inert gas and even C02, must be hydrostatically tested.

Fire Suppression System Decommissioning, Removals and Disposals

Our field engineers can provide system decommissions and strip outs, including the safe disposal and recycling of gas cylinders. Our removals and disposal service includes a certificate to confirm safe disposal.

For more information contact our projects team to learn more about our fire suppression the fire suppression solutions and fire suppression systems.


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