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Perseus Remote Monitoring System

Perseus is an intelligent monitoring solution designed to easily connect to a range of devices in order to read and record data.
The range includes Perseus Monitoring, Perseus Energy and Perseus Industrial devices.

Perseus Monitoring

The Perseus Monitoring series is designed for environmental monitoring in the IT, pharmaceutical, food and other manufacturing and process control industries, and includes support for the audit of independent ISO Quality Management Systems (QMS) and other specific professional certifications.

Perseus Energy

The Perseus Energy series is designed to measure energy consumption and savings, and develop methods to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, including the production of independent reports for subsidy and grant schemes.

Perseus Industrial

The Perseus Industrial series is a range products designed for project deployment in a wide range of environments, including engineering applications and is primarily aimed at supporting industry standards. The devices can run as PLCs using customer specific LUA scripts.
Perseus devices are designed to efficiently evaluate and transmit accumulated data to a remote portal, applying logic in order to allow both simple or more complex actions to be taken.

Perseus Range Features

  • Sensor alerting and environmental security of monitored areas and devices
  • Combination of LAN and LTE communications in a single product
  • Supports RS-485 sensors from HWg in most models, as well the Modbus RTU protocol and third-party sensors
  • Perseus Energy models support the M-Bus interface
  • WLD zone input for water detection
  • Open API support including MQTT broker, SNMP and XML
  • Customer LUA scripts available on the Perseus device
  • High level security including HTTPS + Radius
  • Built-in calendar and scheduler with action settings
  • Connect dozens NETIO smart PowerPDUs to a single Perseus unit

Compatible Devices

The following devices connect to Perseus:

Range Application Ranges Products
HW Group Environment Monitoring and Security Poseidon2 Poseidon2 3366, Poseidon2 3268, Poseidon2 4002
STE2 STE2-Lite, STE2-R2, STE2 Plus
SD SD-2×1 Wire, SD-4-20mA, SD-WLD, SD-2xIn, SD-2xOut
Damocles Damocles2, Damocles 1208, Damocles 2404
IP Watchdog IP Watchdog2 Industrial
Netio Smart Power PowerDIN PowerDIN-4PZ
PowerPDU PowerPDU 8QS, PowerPDU 8KS
PowerCable PowerCable 101 IEC 320, PowerCable 101 UK Socket

Sensors and Detectors

Digital Outputs (DO), Relay, Virtual Digital Output (VDO), 230V Digital Output Relay, Ext Digital Output, Digital Input (DI), Input DI (SD Counter), Phase Input, Analogue Input (AI), 1W-UNI sensors, RS-485 sensors, M-BUS sensors and WLD Sensors.


Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, TLS, XML API, SNMPv3 API, IPv6, SMTP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, SysLog, Data logger and MQTT.


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