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Damocles2 MINI Data Acquisition Units

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The Damocles2 Mini data acquisition units have four digital dry contact inputs (DI). All the digital inputs have S0 pulse counters, with a memory, to connect to water, gas, electricity or other meter types. Damocles2 Mini also controls two digital open collector outputs (DO) and a built-in web server makes the device easy to configure.

Damocles2 Mini can be remotely monitored via the internet using the HWg Cloud or SensDesk Cloud portals or the SensDesk Mobile App (iOS or Android). The devices are designed to monitor and control digital inputs/outputs (I/O) over a network using secure M2M protocols (HTTPs, IPv6, SNMPv3). The devices can be integrated into a wide range of monitoring and control systems and support over fifty SNMP and SCADA applications. The MQTT protocol is built-in to allow integration to IoT applications.

Damocles2 MINI Set Kit

The Damocles2 MINI is supplied with a power adapter and a CD with manual.

Key Features

  • Four Digital Inputs with 32-bit S0 pulse counters (retain values even if the power fails)
  • Data Logger for more than 250,000 records
  • Two Open Collector Outputs and eight Virtual Digital Outputs
  • Five SNMP Traps, five email and five SMS and Phone Call Rings via external GSM gateway or modem
  • MQTT compatibility to allow connection to IoT Hubs, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Bluemix Internet of Things and other cloud services
  • Connected via LAN and configured via built-in web server
  • A DI state change sends an alert by email, SMS+Ring, SNMP Trap or activates a remote relay on another Damocles2 or Poseidon2 device
  • Virtual Digital Outputs (VDO) that can be mapped to physical Digital Outputs (DO relays) of other Damocles2 or Poseidon2 units on the same local area network
  • S0 pulses can be converted to cost per time period and exported to MS Excel using HWg-PDMS software
  • Compatible with a range of third-party software (including SCADA). Examples include Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more


  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Smart buildings system monitoring and control
  • UPS system monitoring
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Alarm systems monitoring
  • Energy consumption metering
  • Connecting external inputs to SCADA systems


Physical Installation

  • Metal Case: IP40
  • Installation: flat surface, shelf
  • Design: Industrial, IT

Operation Schematic

Damocles 2 Mini Installation

Damocles2 Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

The Damocles2 is an IoT enabled monitoring and control solution.

  • Supports data transfer via Ethernet
  • Provides quick view real-time data on the HWg Cloud or SensDesk Cloud portals
  • Sends data via email, custom software and Cloud third-party applications
  • Uses standard protocols including HTTPs, IPv6, SNMPv3 and MQTT

Damocles2 devices have an Ethernet interface and can transfer current values and buffer stored data. The data can be transmitted to the HWg Cloud or SensDesk Cloud portals using HWg-Push software or passed via HWg-PDMS software to third-party software using MQTT IO protocols and run on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS servers. Data can also be emailed to PDMS and downloaded from a POP3 or secured POP3S mailbox.

See the features and protocols comparison table to compare this product to similar environmental monitoring devices.