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HWg Cloud Free Environmental Monitoring Software

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Documents is a cloud-based on-line environmental monitoring portal for HW Group environment monitoring devices. There is no charge for this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which can be used to monitor up to 20 different environment monitoring devices including Perseus, Poseidon2, Damocles, Ares, STE2, STE, WLD2. IP WatchDog, HWg-PWR and the IoT monitoring devices SD-xx and NB-xx.

HWg Cloud Supported Sensors and Detectors

  • Measuring temperatures, humidity, AC and DC voltages, Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and VoC levels, and lighting
  • Detecting smoke, open doors, and power supply availability using digital inputs (DI)
  • Inputs for industrial sensors 4-20 mA
  • M-Bus meters for measuring heat, gas, water and electricity consumption
  • Pulse counters for measuring water consumption
  • The number of sensors, DI and DO (Digital Outputs) is only limited by the capacity of connected environment monitoring devices
  • The portal displays sensor graph values
  • The portal displays a graph of the status of DI (Digital Inputs) over time
  • From the portal, DO (Digital Outputs, e.g. relays) can be controlled via a mouse click

Compatible environment monitoring devices are connected to the network using LAN / WiFi, GSM / LTE or NB-IoT.

Remote Device management

  • Remote FW upgrading for some products
  • SD SafeRange settings for sensors
  • Central management of email alerts from DI and sensors

HWg Cloud service limits include:

  • Connect up to a maximum of 20 HWg Group environment monitoring devices in a single user’s account
  • Up to a maximum of 10 days of data history can be stored for analysis
  • Only 2 destinations (groups of recipients) for email alarms

Demo Account

To create a demo account visit The HWg Cloud service is provided free of charge for monitoring HW Group products. The complete range of monitoring and control services is provided by Sensdesk which is a paid for platform above 3 connected devices.

Unsupported Features for HWg Cloud

  • Sending an alarm via SMS + Voice Call
  • Open APISNMP / XML
  • PDF Reports
  • MultiGraph with several sensors in a single graph
  • Permission groups and support for several users in a single account
  • More than 20 devices in a single user account
  • Historical records stored longer than 10 days
  • An unlimited number of email recipients
  • Control of DO outputs based on a condition

For the above functions Sensdesk is required.