NB-2x1Wire Narrowband IoT Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Devices

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The NB-2×1Wire Narrowband IoT Environment Monitor is a simple device that can be used to monitor temperature, humidity and other environment related issues using the appropriate 1-Wire sensors and detectors. Up to four sensors can be connected to he NB-2×1Wire using the 1-Wire or 1-Wire UNI bus. The device can be powered by its internal battery (3year life) or an external power supply. The NB-2×1Wire is supplied with a pre-paid 3year NB SIM which can be topped up.

The device can be remotely monitored over the internet using the HWg Cloud or SensDesk portals. The portals can be configured to send email alerts to a distribution list when there is a sensor alarm. Text messages (SMS) can also be sent via HWg-Cloud or SensDesk using an email-to-SMS text service.

NB-2×1Wire TSet Kit

The NB-2×1Wire is supplied with a power adapter and a 1m temperature sensor probe.

Key Features

  • Protocols: COAP and DTLS
  • Power: 5Vdc or battery
  • Simple installation and supports DHCP
  • Embedded WEB server
  • Security protected with a password
  • Works with the SensDesk Cloud portal


  • Air conditioning failure detection
  • Temperature monitoring in refrigerators
  • HVAC monitoring
  • HVAC optimisation
  • Food storage and distribution

1-Wire Temperature Sensors

1-Wire Humidity Sensors

1-Wire Temperature and Humidity Sensors

1-Wire UNI Sensors



Physical Installation

  • Metal Case: IP40
  • Installation: Flat surface, wall or DIN
  • Design: Industrial and IT environments

Operation Schematic

Sensdesk with NB-2x1Wire and SensDesk installation