HWg Cloud Environmental Monitoring Software

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HWg-cloud.com is a cloud-based on-line environmental monitoring portal for HW Group environment monitoring devices. There is no charge for this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which can be used to monitor up to 20 different environment monitoring devices including Poseidon2, Damocles, Ares, STE2, STE, WLD2. IP WatchDog, HWg-PWR and the IoT monitoring devices SD-xx and NB-xx.

HWg Cloud Supported Sensors and Detectors

  • Measuring temperatures, humidity, AC and DC voltages, Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and VoC levels, and lighting
  • Detecting smoke, open doors, and power supply availability using digital inputs (DI)
  • Inputs for industrial sensors 4-20 mA
  • M-Bus meters for measuring heat, gas, water and electricity consumption
  • Pulse counters for measuring water consumption
  • The number of sensors, DI and DO (Digital Outputs) is only limited by the capacity of connected environment monitoring devices
  • The portal displays sensor graph values
  • The portal displays a graph of the status of DI (Digital Inputs) over time
  • From the portal, DO (Digital Outputs, e.g. relays) can be controlled via a mouse click

Compatible environment monitoring devices are connected to the network using LAN / WiFi, GSM / LTE or NB-IoT.

Remote Device management

  • Remote FW upgrading for some products
  • SD SafeRange settings for sensors
  • Central management of email alerts from DI and sensors

HWg Cloud service limits include:

  • Connect up to a maximum of 20 HWg Group environment monitoring devices in a single user’s account
  • Up to a maximum of 10 days of data history can be stored for analysis
  • Only 2 destinations (groups of recipients) for email alarms

Demo Account

To create a demo account visit HWg-cloud.com. The HWg Cloud service is provided free of charge for monitoring HW Group products. The complete range of monitoring and control services is provided by Sensdesk which is a paid for platform above 3 connected devices.

Unsupported Features for HWg Cloud

  • Sending an alarm via SMS + Voice Call
  • Open APISNMP / XML
  • PDF Reports
  • MultiGraph with several sensors in a single graph
  • Permission groups and support for several users in a single account
  • More than 20 devices in a single user account
  • Historical records stored longer than 10 days
  • An unlimited number of email recipients
  • Control of DO outputs based on a condition

For the above functions Sensdesk is required.