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Room Alert 32S Monitors

Prices from £1,175.00 inc. VAT or £1,410.00 ex. VAT
Prices from £1,410.00 inc. VAT
Prices from £1,175.00 ex. VAT
Total price delivered from £1,183.95 ex. VAT or £1,420.74 inc. VAT
Total price delivered from £1,420.74 inc. VAT
Total price delivered from £1,183.95 ex. VAT
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The Avtech Room Alert 32S provides the highest security features such as HTTPS, TLS and SNMP v3 and is a sophisticated rack mount environment monitor for multiple server rack installations and monitoring in data centre environments. As part of our Room Alert PRO line, the Room Alert 32S features these secure protocols:

  • View the built-in web interface over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Push data to your account over HTTPS
  • Send alert notifications from the device over your TLS mail server
  • Integrate the device into your preferred SNMP program over SNMP v3. (SNMP v1 traps and SNMP v2c also available_
  • Update your firmware with your authenticated username & password

The Room Alert 32S uses a plug and play Ethernet connections, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and features a built-in battery-back-up for power supply failures. Room Alert 32S has a built-in web server, Device ManageR software and SNMP MIB, and can be installed with up to 8 temperature or temperature and humidity sensors, up to 16 connected switch contact sensors and has additional ports for low voltage sensors and output ports for additional relays and signal towers.

The Room Alert 32S package allows users to log environment sensor status information for immediate alert notification, historical review and graphing. Notifications can be via email, email-to-SMS, native SMS text via your Room Alert account, SNMP, web page update or communication to mobile phones, tablet computer and other formats.

Room Alert 32S has an easy to use web browser interface for setting changes and the viewing of real-time sensor status information. The product also includes the ‘Windows Plugin Bundle’ (Unix/Linux version available if preferred).

When used with Device ManageR, these plugins provide functionality that can shut-down, reboot and/or log off Windows systems remotely across the network and perform commands or scripted actions when alerts are detected or events occur, individually, in groups, simultaneously, sequentially or according to a defined schedule.

Room Alert 32S Bundles

The price shown is for the Room Alert 32S Foundation bundle. Please contact us for pricing for the Essentials, Guardian and Responder bundles.

Products Included Responder Guardian Essentials Foundation
Room Alert 32S Device 1 1 1 1
Digital Temperature Sensor (7.5m/25foot cable) 1 1 1 1
Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor (7.5m/25foot cable) 2 2 2 1
Digital Temperature and Air Flow Sensor (7.5m/25foot cable) 2 2 2
Flood Sensor (2.5m/8foot cable) 1
Flood Sensor (7m/24foot cable) 1 1
Digital Active Power and Temperature Sensor (3m/10foot cable) 2 2 1
Room Entry Sensor 4 2 1
Flood Spot Sensor 1
MUPS Sensor 1
Light Tower and LTA 1 1
Flood Protect and Control Kit 2 1
iBoot-IO 1

Room Alert SKUs

SKU Room Alert 32S Bundle
RA32S-DAP-RAS RA32S Foundation
RA32S-ESS-RAS RA32S Essentals
RA32S-GRD-RAS RA32S Guardian
RA32S-RPD-RAS RA32S Responder

Room Alert 32S Product

  • Built-in Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Built-in Digital Humidity Sensor
  • Built-in Main Power Sensor
  • Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • External Environment Sensor Channels (for connection of external Digital Sensors) x 8
  • Switch Sensor Contact Sets (for connection of external Switch Sensors) x 16
  • 0-5Vdc Analog Sensor Input Ports x 2
  • External Relay Output Ports (0.3A@125Vac / 1A@24Vdc) x 2
  • External Light Tower and Relay Adapter (LTA) Connection Ports x 2
  • Factory Reset Button
  • On/Off Switch (to preserve UPS battery life)
  • Ethernet Connection (RJ45)
  • 3m (10ft) Ethernet Cable (Red)
  • 5V Power Adapter (110/240V, RoHS, Lead Free, international versions for all countries)
  • Built-in Power Over Ethernet (PoE, 802.3af)
  • Mini UPS Status Indicator (LED)
  • LED Sensor Alert Indicators
  • PoE and WLAN Activity Indicators (LED)
  • Built-in Web Server Interface
  • SNMP Trap and Query enabled
  • Downloadable Room Alert 32S User Guide and Reference Manual

Avtech Room Alert Sensors

The following are the most popular Room Alert sensors for use with the Room Alert 32S.

Room Alert Accounts

A Room Alert Account at the Base level is free for all Room Alert customers and never expires. Included in the shown prices is a 1 year Personal Account subscription to the RoomAlert Cloud Monitoring and Control Portal. Technical Support is also available through a Room Alert Account.

Note re the RoomAlert Software Portal, the upgrade is from the free Lite version and is at no charge for new customers. There is also a 90 Day Professional Account Upgrade, included at no charge for returning customers.

Room Alert Manager

Room Alert Manager is available for Room Alert users with a Professional account or higher. The software is an all-in-one software solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing and automatic action of Room Alert environment monitoring products. With Room Alert Manager users can:

  • Discover their Room Alert monitors on the network
  • Update the firmware on their Room Alert monitors
  • Configure unlimited custom alerts
  • Set durations on each threshold on each alert
  • Organize escalation of actions to take place after alerts reach alarm states
  • Configure custom messages on alerts
  • Record and review your alert history
  • Manage multi-level users (viewer, manager and administrator)
  • Create unlimited subgroups to categorize their Room Alert monitors
  • Discover, trigger motion alerts and capture snapshots from Axis network cameras
  • Browse a list of all your sensors in one place
  • Graph historic sensor data to visually track trends in your environment
  • View a list of alerts associated with each sensor, quickly configure new alert

Room Alert Manager allows users to send alert notifications when changes in the environment are detected by their Room Alert monitors and sensors. The package also offers unlimited alerting of customisable alert notifications for individuals and groups, hierarchies, dependencies and scheduling. Room Alert Manager also allows users to take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, set multiple IP addresses and more.