RoomAlert Cloud Monitoring and Control Portal

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A RoomAlert website account allows Avtech RoomAlert device users to easily manage and control their connected environment monitoring devices over the internet, monitor temperature and environment conditions, create custom reports (temperature logging or environment sensor logging history), receive alarm and alert notifications, and view a map showing the status of remote installations.

The RoomAlert service runs from any compatible browser, tablet or mobile phone device and provides the same user experience using on-premise software connected to the device. The web-based service means that there is no software to install, configure or manage.

Room Alert Features

  • Monitor temperature and environment conditions
  • Create custom reports
  • Create graphs
  • View activity timelines
  • Select and sort data
  • Drill-down through data to important events
  • Identify trends and environment issues
  • Receive alarm notifications
  • View an organisation specific installation map

Subscription Levels and Pricing

Access to the Room Alert portal (at is included for 12 months in the purchase price of a Room Alert device. If the subscription is not renewed the account reverts to a Lite level, with limited access.

The subscription levels include:

Feature Lite Personal Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Support Online (FAQs/Resources Email Email, Chat, Phone Email, Chat, Phone Email, Chat, Phone
Monitoring 1 Device 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices 100 Devices
Users 1 2 10 25 50
Registered Links 10 25 50
Historical Data 1 Day 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days 2 years
Monitor360 Sensors 10 25 50
Alerts Configured 1 10 25 75 150
Notifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced Alerting yes yes yes
Reports Saved 1 3 7 25 50
Public URLs yes yes yes
Network Camera Access yes yes yes
Plugins Firmware downloads Download Access Download Access Download Access Download Access
Device Discovery yes yes yes yes yes
Device ManagerR yes yes yes yes
Device ManagerR Plugins yes yes yes
Data Export CSV File CSV File CSV File
Annual Price Free £135 £255 £535 £970

A Personal account upgrade is free for the first year for new customers. Customers can also upgrade to the Professional account at no charge for the first year within 90days of purchase.

Using a RoomAlert account allows RoomAlert device managers to gain insights into the operations of their environments to improve energy efficiency, resilience and system reliability.

RoomAlert logs all the data collected by the RoomAlert devices and their sensors for historical analysis, review and verification. Data can be viewed on graphs with adjustable date and time parameters. Snapshots can also be exported to PDF report file. An easy CSV export function allows for data collection for to meet local management objectives or regulatory requirements.

RoomAlert has a powerful report tool function. Reports can be created for any connected environment monitoring device type, group, team, location or other relevant selection criteria. The reports can pull data from any sensor or RoomAlert device on a network to allow side-by-side comparison. The reporting function provides operations and IT managers to gain a granular overview of their facilities to assist actions, planning, response times, smarter energy usage and prevent downtime.

Alert messages are easy to configure and do not require access to an email server or other external service. Use email addresses or SMS numbers and the triggers for alarm notifications.