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Digital Shielded Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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Avtech Digital Shielded Temperature and Humidity Sensors provide real-time temperature values from minus 40 to 85degC when used with any Room Alert environment monitoring device. Temperature accuracy is within +/- 2degC. The humidity range is from 5% to 95% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing. Heat Index (feels like temperature) is also monitored. The humidity range monitored is from 5% to 95% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing.

Key Features

Item Specification
Environment Condition Monitored Temperature and Humidity
Real-Time Recognition Yes, Temperature and Humidity
Digital Temperature Sensor Range -40 to 85degC (-40 to 185degF)
Digital Temperature Sensor Accuracy +/- 2degC
Digital Temperature Sensor Resolution 0.03125degC
Digital Humidity Sensor Range 5-95% Relative Humidity Non-condensing
Digital Humidity Sensor Accuracy +/- 4.5% at 5-59% RH, +/- 6.5% RH at 60-95% RH
Digital Sensor Cable Type Foil shielded, mPPE insulated RJ-11 Cable
Power Supply Monitoring Unit
Digital Sensor Cable Type RJ-11 Cable
Digital Sensor Cable Length 7.5m (25ft) other lengths available
Maximum Digital Sensor Cable Length Approximately 30m (100ft)
Compatible Products Avtech Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 4E, 3E and 3W

The shielded sensor cable is ideal for use in environments with high electrical noise or EMI.

The sensor provides temperature readings every two seconds and supplies temperature data in real-time to a Room Alert environment monitor for data logging, alarming and automatic corrective actions. The sensor uses a standard RJ11 connector.

Dimensions: 3m, (10ft) - options for 7.5m (25ft), 15m (50ft) and 30m (100ft)
Nett Weight: 750g
Warranty: 12 months

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