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Room Alert Mobile App

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The Room Alert Mobile App is a free to download mobile phone App from the Google Play Android and Apple App stores. The Room Alert Mobile App has a mobile-first mindset, is part of the Room Alert eco-system and provides a consistent look and functionality with the browser version of Room Alert Manager software run on a local IT network and the built-in web-interface on every Room Alert environmental monitoring device. With the app, you can bring your sensor data and alerts with you wherever you go, check on sensor readings for your IT environment at anytime, and coordinate alert responses with your team members, from anywhere.

First Time Login

When you first open the Room Alert mobile app, you will be prompted to log in using your email address and password. These are the same credentials that you use to log in to Room Alert Account in a web browser. Customers with Enterprise service or higher can even use SAML/SSO to sign into the app.

Once logged in, your view will match all of your configurations and permissions based off of your current tier of Room Alert Account service. The mobile app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience that is consistent with the interface. For example, if you comment on a triggered alert or clear a triggered alert in your Room Alert Account via, those changes will immediately reflect in the Room Alert mobile app and vice versa.

The Room Alert mobile app mirrors the online Room Alert Account service and pulls that same information into an easy-to-use mobile-first approach. In the Room Alert app, Room Alert users have the ability to:

  • View up-to-date and accurate sensor readings across all of their Room Alert hardware
  • View configured alerts
  • View alert details
  • View a comprehensive list of their alert history
  • Acknowledge and respond to alerts and coordinate in real-time with other team members

Instant Push Notifications

Instant Push Notifications are clickable messages that pop up on a mobile device. Push notifications are the easiest method to deliver important and time-sensitive information directly to mobile devices. Without real-time notifications enabled on a device, important information can quickly become buried in your email inbox.

Within the Room Alert app, instant push notifications serve as a quick communication channel enabling users to stay informed on the environment conditions within their facilities. Real-time notifications work to notify you and your team, in real time, of an alert being triggered even if you do not actively have the Room Alert mobile app open on your phone. Room Alert push notifications are the most effective way to make sure you are seeing all of your critical Room Alert environment monitoring activity.

Real-time Alert Conversations

Another feature that is exclusively available via the Room Alert app is real-time alert conversations. Previously when commenting on alerts, users could comment on their configured alerts as a way to communicate with their team and troubleshoot collectively to prevent and reduce the extent of costly outages. This feature is effective at supporting facilities management, especially if your facility is short-staffed or if you are managing remotely.

Real-time alert conversations take this to the next level. Real-time alert conversations work more like a real-time chat interface, where Room Alert users can talk to their team members in real-time, directly within the alert in the app. This allows customers to troubleshoot and coordinate a response to alert events more efficiently than ever before.

An example would be if you receive a push notification informing you that your HVAC unit unexpectedly lost power. You can open the Room Alert mobile app and interact with other users to determine the details of addressing the situation. Once corrective action is taken, you can promptly acknowledge the alert and clear it within your Room Alert Account so that others are able to see that the problem was resolved.

Installing the app

If you do not already have a Room Alert Account user profile, please first register at and request access to your organization’s account.

App features

The latest version of the Room Alert mobile app supports some, but not all, of the features available in your Room Alert Account. Support for additional features will continuously be added to future releases of the mobile app. Access to mobile app features is based on a user’s role.

Type Current Features Future Enhancements
Alerts Get notified as soon as environment conditions exceed thresholds, Check how long alerts have been triggered, and acknowledge ongoing alerts, Review thresholds & configured actions, and check which team members are watching any alert conversation and View all your historic alert events in one simple list. Configuring & editing alerts through the mobile app.
Conversations Talk to your team members in real-time to coordinate a response to alert events, Document troubleshooting steps to avoid repeated efforts, Log the alert’s root cause and resolution for reference later and Receive optional push notifications when new messages get posted. Added chat interface features, such as image & file sharing, tagging team members, responding with emojis, and more.
Data Groups Check the latest readings of sensors and other types of data points that you grouped together. Configuring & editing data groups through the mobile app, Graphing historical data, Downloading historic data and Configuring & editing Monitor360 sensors.
Devices View a list of your registered Room Alert Monitors, and see when they last pushed sensor data to your account, View device details, including firmware version, Link connection status, location and more and Scroll through the current readings of all sensors connected to the device. Registering new devices through the mobile app, Configuring Room Alert Link and performing instant firmware updates and Plotting the location of Room Alert Monitors.
Settings and Others Toggle between multiple accounts, Configure conversation notifications, Log in via your organization’s SAML Single-Sign On portal and Use MFA for added account security. Editing your user profile through the mobile app and Managing other users on the account.
Upgrading/renewing the account and configuring other account-level settings.

The Room Alert mobile app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.