Digital Active Power and Temperature Sensors

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Avtech Digital Active Power and Temperature Sensors provide real-time power and temperature monitoring. The monitoring device can be strapped to an electrical power cord and if the devices draws more than 100W, the Active Power Sensor will detect this and show the current power status as ‘Active’. The sensor monitors temperature values from minus 40 to 85degC with an accuracy of +/- 2degC.

Key Features

Item Specification
Environment Condition Monitored Temperature and Active Power
Real-Time Recognition Yes, Temperature and Active Power
Digital Temperature Sensor Range -40 to 85degC (-40 to 185degF)
Digital Temperature Sensor Accuracy +/- 2degC
Digital Temperature Sensor Resolution 0.03125degC
Active Power Range Over 100W ‘Active’
Digital Analog Sensor Accuracy +/- 2.5W
Power Supply Monitoring Unit
Digital Sensor Cable Type Micro-USB to RJ-11 Cable
Digital Sensor Cable Length 3m (10ft) – other lengths available
Maximum Digital Sensor Cable Length Approximately 30m (100ft)
Compatible Products Avtech Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 4E, 3E and 3W

Typical Applications

The use of Digital Active Power and Temperature Sensors means than you can monitor power without disruption or damage to the power cord itself. Applications include:

  • Computers and file servers
  • IT hardware including wireless hubs, firewalls and network switches
  • Telecoms and phone system equipment
  • HVAC and cooling solutions including portable air conditioners, fridges and freezers

Placing the sensor on the power cord means that it is also in a prime position to monitor the output temperature from an exhaust fan if fitted. A rising temperature here can indicate increasing load or a potential failure from a heat related problem.
The sensor provides active power and temperature readings every two seconds and supplies power and temperature data in real-time to a Room Alert environment monitor for data logging, alarming and automatic corrective actions. The sensor uses a standard RJ11 connector.