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AKCP SP1+ sensorProbe+ Environment Monitors with 1 connected Temperature Sensor and 1 Sensor Port

5 Year Warranty
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SP1+ Rackmount Cabinet Vertical Strut
SP1+ Rackmount Cabinet Side DIN Rail
Sp1 power-sources
CCM Contactless Current Meters
Thermal Mapping Server Cabinets
Akcp-sp2 server-rack-security
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The AKCP sensorProbe+ SP1+ is a compact environmental monitoring solution and comes with a temperature sensor (TMP01) connected. The SP1+ also provides an additional intelligent sensor port for monitoring other environmental conditions (including humidity, water leakage, power and cabinet thermal maps), and a dry signal contact I/O interface.

The SP1+ can be remotely monitored and controlled using AKCPro Server software (Cloud or on-site) and is ideal for a single server cabinet or multiple racks within a server room or data centre. Email alerts can be setup for distribution when monitored levels go outside threshold levels. For SMS text messages we recommend using an email-to-sms service. All SP1+ devices also feature SNMPv3 support. Additional security features can be unlocked via code and include IPV6, Radius and TACACS. Up to 80 virtual sensors can monitor third party devices via SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP.

The SP1+ is PoE powered as standard or can be powered from a suitable Vdc source including a USB power plug. A USB power cord is supplied as part of the SP1+ kit. In the absence of PoE dual inputs are available through an AKCP external DC-DC conversion box.

SP1+ Kits

The SP1+ is supplied with a connected 1.5m TMP NIST certified temperature sensor probe and is PoE powered as standard. An additional sensor can be connected to the sensor port (selected from the list below) or if you buy a THS bundle pack, the unit is supplied with an additional plug-in Temperature & Humidity sensor (THS00-NIST2).

The SP1+ is supplied as standard with a Basic license (SP1+B-PoE) and or with additional features in the PRO license version (SP1+PRO).

  • Basic: Notifications (email and SNMPv1/2), Events log, Graphs, Cloud portal and MQTTS M2M protocol
  • PRO: adds 5x Virtual Sensors, Map function (for the UI), 3rd Party Modbus, Modbus/TCP, IPv6, SNMPv3, VPN, Access Control User, Radius authentication, Heartbeat messages, Modbus, and Password levels

SP1+ Sensor Configurations

SKU Sensors I/O Dry Contacts *
SP1+ 1x Intelligent Sensor port plus 1 connected temperature sensor / 5 Virtual Sensors (additional packs available) 1x plus 1x 5 using the plug-in 5Way Dry Contacts Input (1 per Intelligent Sensor port)
  • Isolated dry contact option

sensorProbe+ SP1+ Options

  • 5.5Vdc 3A PSU with IEC inlet and USB Power Cord: external USB power supply used in combination with PoE or as a redundant power source
  • Modbus RS485: converts the dry contact I/O input to Modbus RS485 for industrial systems
  • Mini Relay: converts the dry contact I/O input to a mini relay

Temperature, and Temperature & Humidity Sensors

See this FAQ for more information on NIST certified sensors.

Any AKCP sensor can be connected to the SP1+ using the sensor splitter box including cabinet thermal maps and the contactless current meter to monitor Power Cord and PDU power usage.

Server Cabinet Thermal Map Sensors

Water Leakage and Flood Detectors

Other Environment Monitoring Sensors

Also available is a 5Vdc 3A Power supply with IEC connector with or without a locking DC jack.

sensorProbe1+ Features

  • IP-based monitoring, including SNMPv3, HTTPS and VPN
  • Send encrypted SNMP traps and email notifications
  • Supports 1 intelligent sensors
  • Virtual sensors

AKCP smartRack System

Use wired and/or wireless monitoring sensors connected to the AKCPro server software via sensorProbe2+ to create an SNMP compliant DCIM monitoring software solution for monitoring temperature, Delta-T, humidity, differential pressure, power and control access.

sensorProbe1+ Specifications

  • Network Interface: standard 10/100 Mbps Full Duplex, Ethernet RJ-45 Port
  • Mounting: Screw Mounting, Built in DIN Rail Clip, and cable tie loops
  • Power Requirements: PoE IEEE 802.3af support or optional external 5.5V 3A Power Adapter
  • Status Indication: LED indication for Power, network connectivity, sensor online and threshold status
  • Inputs: 1x RJ-45 Sensor Port, 1x Dry Contact I/O (0/5VDC), 1x 10/100 Ethernet Port – includes 5 free virtual sensors
  • Output: configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any RJ45 sensor port and Dry Contact Terminal
  • Operating Temperature: Temperature : Min. 0°C – Max. 70°C (Industrial option for Min. -25°C – Max. 70°C)
  • Operating Humidity: Min. 20% to Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): 1,400,000Hours

Security Sensors

sensorProbe1+ can be used with RFID server cabinet locks, door contacts and motion detectors to provide cabinet security. AKCPro Server software provides central management and monitoring of who can gain access to any protected server cabinet.

Power Sensors

senorProbe1+ can be used with AKCP compatible AC voltage sensors, DC voltmeters, sensor-controlled relays and power metering.

Specialised Sensors

Tank level sensors can be monitored through sensorProbe2+ for liquid levels in fuel tanks, chemical tanks and oil storage tanks up to 2m in depth. Other specialised sensors include a key switch override, to disable notifications during maintenance and a programmable LCD sensor display.

SP1+ Applications

The SP1+ is ideal for computer rooms, server rooms and data centre cabinets, and any other controlled environment including offices, laboratories, manufacturing, transportation and warehouses.

SP1+ Setup Video