AKCP SNMP Temperature Sensors

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The SNMP Temperature Sensor is ideal for use in server rooms and data centre environments and is a network enabled SNMP device for use with a sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ or securityProbe monitoring base unit. The sensor is designed to record accurate temperature data for applications where it is vital to have advanced warning and notification of temperature fluctuations that could potentially damage critical IT servers and sensitive networking equipment.

The SNMP sensor plugs into an intelligent port on the base monitoring unit and is automatically detected and figured. Thresholds for alarm notifications including low and high reading parameters can be set by the user. A built-in graphing function in the AKCP base unit provides temperature trends over time.

The SNMP Temperature Sensor is supplied with cables and temperature sensor clips for easy installation in server cabinets. The stainless steel tubing helps to protect the sensor from everyday use in busy server room environments. The standard cable is a fixed length of 30cm (1ft) with custom lengths available that can be extended up to 305m (1,000ft).

SNMP Temperature Sensor Features

  • Monitor temperature on a single intelligent sensor port
  • Powered by base unit and requires no additional power
  • Semiconductor and microprocessor-controlled type temperature sensor
  • Can be extended up to 305m (1,000ft) with a standard CAT5/6 cable
  • SNMP OID for data collection over a network
  • 0.5⁰C resolution

For extreme indoor or outdoor temperature ranges AKCP Thermocouple Sensors are recommended. A waterproof version is also available on application.