AKCP Airflow Sensors

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The AKCP Airflow Sensor is designed for systems that generate heat during their operation and a steady flow of air is required to dissipate the heat generated. System reliability and safety could be jeopardized if this cooling airflow stops.

The Airflow Sensor is placed in the air stream path to monitor the status of the flowing air. The sensor is designed only to measure whether air flow is present or not. The sensor is not a precision data logging device.

The Airflow Sensor provides ON/OFF status indication which can be read using SNMP OID. SNMP traps are sent when critical. SNMP GET polling is also available and the information can read using a web browser. When an alarm condition occurs, the description and location of the fault can be sent via email or viewed on a web page.

AKCP Airflow Sensor Features

  • ON/OFF alarm signal for airflow presence
  • Accurate and cost-effective flow sensing
  • Operates from a single +5 V DC Power Supply which powered by the sensorProbe
  • 2 LEDs indicate airflow status and that the sensor is securely plugged into a sensorProbe
  • Electronics mounted in a small plastic case
  • sensorProbe auto detects the presence of the Airflow Sensor
  • Up to 2 Airflow Sensors per sensorProbe2, 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Data graphically displayed via a web page
  • The air flow sensor cable can be extended using CAT5 extension cables (CABXX) up to 18m