AKCP Tank Depth Sensors

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The Tank Depth Sensor can be used to monitor fuel levels or other liquid levels in storage tanks to ensure they never run low and are ready when required for use.

The Tank Depth Sensor is compatible with all sensorProbeX+ and securityProbe base monitoring units and is suitable for any tank up to 20m in fluid depth. A programmable tank profile provides accurate measurement with sensors available for use with 2m, 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m tanks.

Tank Depth Sensor Installation

The Tank Depth Sensor is suspended at the bottom of your tank, where it will sense the pressure exerted by the water column above. The depth is calculated based on the liquid the sensor is submersed into and the pressure on the sensor. By programming the monitoring base unit with the tank dimensions, the total % volume or litres can be displayed. The sensor is supplied ready to install with all mounting hardware required.

Tank Depth Sensor Models

  • TDPS-2: 2m tank
  • TDPS-5: 5m tank
  • TDPS-10: 10m tank
  • TDPS-15: 15m tank
  • TDPS-20: 20m tank

Other depths are available as custom designs.