AKCP Isolated DC Voltage Sensors

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The Isolated Digital Voltmeter Sensor can be used to create custom data collection systems. The sensor allows a user to integrate a custom sensor with a sensorProbe or securityProbe while still retaining all of the features of the standard sensors. Typical projects have added pressure transducers, solar power monitors, battery monitors, and laboratory test equipment. A user can input a DC voltage range from -60 to 0Vdc or 0 to 60Vdc with the sensors providing real time data.

The sensor includes an isolated ground for safety and protection against over voltages and shorts. Readings are available in both an absolute value and a percentage of full scale. In the web interface, the unit of a measure for a parameter can be customised to any text, e.g., Lbs for measuring the pressure and all values in a decimal point format.

Isolated DC Voltage Sensor Features

  • Easy setup and installation
  • Web browser interface available
  • Create custom data collection systems
  • Powered by the securityProbe with no additional power required
  • The unit of a measured entity can be customised to any text, e.g. Lbs for measuring the pressure
  • Send advanced alerts from the securityProbe or AKCPro Server based upon set thresholds
  • Send SNMP traps and or email alerts from the sensorProbe units based upon set thresholds: SNMP interface for alarm/normal status, SNMP traps sent when status changes, SNMP polling via GET and when an alarm condition is activated, the description and location of the fault can be sent via email

The isolation feature allows for the measurement at any point in a system to allow monitoring of for example battery voltages in a UPS battery string. Third-party sensors can be used with sensorProbe and securityProbe base units including pressure transducers, solar power monitors, battery monitors and laboratory test equipment.