AKCP Cabinet Access Control Units

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The AKCP Cabinet Control Unit provides card reader access to controlled server cabinets within a server room or data centre environment. Cabinet Control Units can be daisy-chained to provide control over several hundred server cabinets and their doors using RJ45 cables. The Cabinet Control Unit integrates with the AKCPro Server management software to provide complete control of the monitored server cabinets.

Cabinet Control Unit Features

  • Arrange access by site, floors, rooms, or cabinets
  • Restrict access for certain times, days, users or security levels
  • Set up adjustable user groups with virtually any customizable preference your company, group, or organization may need
  • AKCPro Server Management Software provides User/Groups Management, User Access Schedules, Advanced Analytics, Notifications, Real time video, Time-Stamped Video playback and the facility to unlock doors remotely
  • Connect a wide variety of electronic lock types
  • Time and Attendance integration with AKCPro Server Management Software
  • Compatible with the complete range of AKCP Intelligent Sensors

Cabinet Control Unit Specifications

  • Expansion Ports: 2x RJ-45 Expansion Ports, 115.2K bps Data Transfer Rate
  • Mounting: rack mount brackets included, compatible with AKCP DIN and rack mount trays
  • Power: external 12Vdc >=1A power adapter, input voltage and current ratings 100V~240Vac 1A, typical 6watt, 0.5A
  • Status Indication: LED indication for power and expansion port connectivity
  • Inputs: 2xRJ-45 ports for connecting AKCP sensors, 1xWiegand RFID Reader, 1xDoor Lock Control and 1xRJ-45 expansion module input (E-in)
  • Outputs: 1xRJ-45 expansion module output (E-out)
  • E-Modules: daisy chain multiple E-modules including E-sensor8 and E-opto16 combined, uses standard RJ-45 connections and CAT5 LAN cable, maximum extension cable run length is 300m, compatible with AKCP intelligent sensors, connect up to 500 AKCP sensors to one securityProbe5ES, or connect up to 150 AKCP sensors to one sensorProbe+ (up to 4 expansion units)
  • Support Lock Rating: the CCU can control a 12Vdc door Lock with a maximum current draw no greater than 500mA
  • Operating Environment: Temperature -35 to +80°C, humidity 20-80% (non-condensing)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): 400,000 Hours