AKCP Dry Contact Sensors

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The Dry Contact Sensor can be used with a wider range of systems with a sensorProbe environmental monitoring base unit. The sensor can be used with UPS systems, air conditioning, securing and fire alarm systems to indicate their status remotely.

The Dry Contact Sensor is a general-purpose switch that act as either an input or output status indicator. When used as an output, the sensor can supply up to 20mA. A user can select the output voltage by setting the Output Level to a Low or a High. When set to Low, the pin will output 0Vdc. When set as a High the pin, will output 5Vdc.

When used as an input, a switch will retain any error condition until it is read via SNMP. Therefore, if a switch encounters a critical condition at any time it must report that condition before it can return to a normal state. Input pins can be used to detect whether an input switch is open or closed. In combination with external sensors, input pins can detect whether a door or window is open or closed, if there is a water leakage and many other critical environmental conditions.