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SD-WLD Water Leakage Detectors with WiFi

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The SD-WLD Water Leakage Detectors with WiFi can detect water leaks using a moisture-sensing cable which can be up to 85m in length. The total cable run can be extended to 185m using an 85m sensing cable and a 100m connecting cable. The sensing cable is very sensitive and can detect conductive liquid droplets and can be used to detect condensation and prevent damage from small water leaks and adverse environmental conditions.

For configuration the SD-WLD has a built-in web server and WiFi connectivity and the device can be remotely monitored over the internet using the SensDesk portal or SensDesk Mobile App (iOS or Android). Using SensDesk the device can send email alerts when the measurements are outside a specified range of values. Text messages (SMS) can also be sent via the SensDesk, if an SMS-GW3 module is attached to the network.

Key Features

  • Wired Ethernet and WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Support for simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi operations
  • Power: 5Vdc or PoE
  • Simple installation and supports DHCP
  • Embedded WEB server
  • Security protected with a password
  • Works with the SensDesk Cloud portal


  • Leaking pipe detection (cable wrapped along the pipe)
  • Flood detection in an area: WLD detection cable can be laid along the walls in a room
  • Under raised floors leakage detection
  • Above suspended ceilings leakage detection
  • Detection of water leaks in drip trays
  • Detection of water leaks under air-conditioning outlets
  • Detection of a water flood in a freezing or cooling plant


  • WLD sensing cable A – 50m
  • WLD sensing cable A – 10m
  • WLD sensing cable A – 2m
  • WLD sensing cable A – 2+50m
  • WLD sensing cable A – 2+10m
  • WLD sensing cable A – 2+2m


Physical Installation

  • Metal Case: IP40
  • Installation: Wall
  • Design: Industrial environments

Operation Schematic

Sensdesk with WLD Installation

Brand: HW Group
Dimensions: 67W◊78D◊33Hmm
Nett Weight: 0.25Kg
Warranty: 12 months including support and maintenance
Datasheet: SD WiFi Datasheet
Manual: SD WiFi Manual

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