HWg-WLD Flood Detection Sensor Relays

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HWg-WLD Relays are universal water floor sensors that detect flooding using a soak-detecting cable. The cable can detect small amounts of water and other liquids. The WLD Relay can be used separately with 12Vdc power supply and relay output (NO/NC) or as a sensor with Poseidon 2 environment monitoring unit connected via a 1Wire UNI bus (RJ11). The connected cable can be supplied up to 85m and can be extended up to 100m (185m in total) using 2m, 10 or 50m cables.

HWg-WLD Relay Features

  • A universal water detector for use with Poseidon, Damocles, Ares or HWg-STE plus units
  • Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI can be connected as a detector through its digital output or as a sensor via 1Wire UNI bus
  • Connected detection cable can be lengthened to up to 85m
  • Soaked detection cables can be dried and reused


  • Water leak detection for security systems
  • Water detection under raised access floors in server rooms and datacentres
  • Leaking pipe detection with the cable wrapped along the pipe
  • Protection against floods from roof lights with the sensing cable routed along the walls
  • Detection of water leaks in drip trays
  • Detection of water leaks under air conditioning outlets