Vertiv EDGE 500VA 1U Tower/Rack UPS

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The 3000VA/2700W 230V Vertiv EDGE 3U short depth Tower/Rack UPS with 6 minutes internal runtime is a compact Mini Tower design for tower servers and/or applications with no available rack mount option. The UPS is a plug and play solution requiring no installation and can be interfaced to an IP network for remote power management and operating system shutdown using the Vertiv Intellislot SNMP/Webcard. The UPS is supplied with a 19inch server rack mounting kit and can be installed as a rack mount UPS or a vertical tower system. Additional battery extension packs can be connected for longer runtimes.

Vertiv EDGE 3000VA Rack UPS Features

  • High Output PF: operates at 0.9 output power factor (PF) to provide more Active Power (Watts) with which to protect critical loads.
  • High Efficiency: operates at up to 98% efficiency in normal mode to reduce electricity costs throughout their lifetime.
  • Advanced AVR Design: automatic voltage regulation to provide protection from spikes, surges and brownouts without the UPS switching to battery mode.
  • Extended Battery Life: deep discharge protection to prevent damage and extend battery life.
  • Programmable Outlets: 3 of the 6 EDGE outlets are configurable (1 group), enabling users to shut down less-critical loads in the event of a power outage to increase the battery runtime available.
  • Configurable Green Function : for use with small loads, the UPS can be set to automatically power down when in battery mode.
  • Eco Compliances: RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • High Temperature Operation: EDGE UPS can operate at up to 40⁰C at full power, and higher ambient temperature with derating applied.
  • Easy Installation and Operation: auto-detect external battery modules and a built-in colour LCD display help to make the UPS easy to install, operate and intuitive to use.
  • Remote Emergency Power Off (EPO): allows the UPS to be remotely shut down during an emergency.

3kVA EDGE Rack UPS Options

  • SNMP Web Card: for advanced remote monitoring of the UPS and IT load operating system shutdown.
  • Environmental Monitoring: the web card also supports integration with environmental sensors, to detect excessive heat, moisture, motion and more within the environment.
  • Liebert MicroPOD Output Distribution and Maintenance Bypass Module: to prevent load power distribution during maintenance.
  • External Battery Cabinets: attach up to 6 external battery modules to increase the amount of battery runtime available.

3kVA UPS Runtimes

Load% VA Watts Internal Battery +1EBC +2EBC +3EBC
100 3000 2700 6m 19m 61m 129m
70 2100 1890 10m 33m 96m 196m
50 1500 1350 16m 51m 144m 286m
20 600 540 43m 137m 350m 672m

*EBC = External Battery Cabinet