Legrand TRIMOD HE 20kW UPS

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The Legrand TRIMOD HE 20kW modular UPS is rated at unity power factor where 20kW is equal to 20kVA of power and achieves up to 96% online operating efficiency. The UPS can be installed in one of four input/output configurations including 1/1, 3/1, 1/3 and 3/3 and in three phase mode, each of the three separate single-phase outputs, can be assigned a different load priority and battery runtime.

Plug-in UPS Modules

The TRIMOD HE is a true modular UPS system. The 20kW UPS frame can be installed with up to three 6.7kW modules (8.5Kg each) in a capacity or N+X configuration. Plug-in battery drawers (12-16) can be installed inside the UPS cabinet to provide from 9-20 minutes runtime and weigh only 13Kg each. External battery cabinets can be connected for long runtimes and an additional 15A battery charger module is available for larger battery configurations.

UPS Frame Sizes

The UPS is available in two cabinet sizes with the same width and depth but different heights to accommodate from 12 to 16 plug-in battery drawers. The standard cabinet (A) has a height of 1370mm and the extended height cabinet (B) 1650mm.

TRIMOD HE 20kW UPS Features

  • Hot swap power modules
  • Plug-in battery drawers to increase autonomy
  • Input power factor > 0.99
  • Energy efficiency up to 96% online or 99% eco-mode
  • Built-in front panel LCD with 4×20-character lines, 4 menu navigation buttons, LED multi-colour status indicator, alarms and audio signals
  • Communications include 2xRS232 serial ports, 1xlogical gate, 5xports with dry contacts, 1xslot for plug-in interfaces and an EPO facility
  • Dual input power cabinets available

20kW UPS Runtime Configurations

SKU UPS Frame Modules Battery Runtime UPS Dimensions Battery Cabinet
Tri-HE-20-05 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 9AH-2S 5minutes 414Wx628Dx1370Hmm
Tri-HE-20-10 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 9AH-3S 10minutes 414Wx628Dx1370Hmm
Tri-HE-20-16 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 9AH-4S 16minutes 414Wx628Dx1650Hmm
Tri-HE-20-28 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 55AH-1S 28minutes 414Wx628Dx1370Hmm 480Wx845Dx1670Hmm, 460Kg
Tri-HE-20-37 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 56AH-1S 37minutes 414Wx628Dx1370Hmm 480Wx845Dx1670Hmm, 540Kg
Tri-HE-20-60 20kVA/kW 3 x PM6.7K 90AH-1S 60minutes 414Wx628Dx1370Hmm 782Wx845Dx1670Hmm, 770Kg