Data Cabinets

Network data cabinets up to 47U for housing routers, patch panels, switches, fibre connections and other IT networking devices including wall cabinets and free-standing cabinets with lockable front glass doors and a steel or mesh rear doors. These metal cabinets have a matt black or light grey powder coat finish and are quick and easy to install with varying depths for shallow or deep wall installation.

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Data Cabinets Guide

Our range of data cabinets including wall mounted and free-standing cabinets. For the cabinets our rack cabinets accessory range includes shelving and other options. Care should be taken when selecting wall mounted cabinets due to internal cabinet depths which can range up to 500mm.

The wall mounted data cabinets have a 600mm width and are designed to house 19inch wide rack mount equipment. Wall mounted cabinets are supplied fully assembled. Free-standing cabinets can be supplied flat packed for assembly on site or as assembled free-standing units.

When selecting a wall mounted cabinet it is important to ensure that the wall structure is secure and physically capable of supporting the cabinet due to its weight and the equipment inside. For free-standing cabinets supplied fully assembled it is important to ensure that the cabinets can be delivered and placed in position through doorways. Please note that an 800mm wide cabinet cannot will not pass through a standard doorway and there may be other site-logistic considerations including off-loading facilities, lifts, stairways, basement and rooftop access locations.

Bespoke Wall Mount and Free-Standing Cabinet Designs

Please let us know if you need a bespoke design or would like us to quote for a modification to a standard wall mount or free-standing design. Our UK manufacturing partner can accommodate most requests including metalwork fabrication and paint colours.

Acoustic Cabinets, Fibre Cable Management and Accessories

We also supply a range of acoustic cabinet and fibre management rack accessories.

For more information on our data cabinets range please contact our projects team.