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Server Cabinets

Server racks and cabinets up to 47U with perforated hex mesh doors for enhanced air flow, door handle and lock choices, size and colour options. Our cabinets are attractively styled, with a rugged structure powder coat paint finish with a matt black or light grey finish as standard. Other paint colours are available along with a bespoke manufacturing service.

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Server Cabinet Guide

Server room cabinets are typically nineteen inches (19inches) wide and referred to as 19inch server rack, 19inch server racks or 19inch racks. This is an IT industry standard to which rack mount devices and systems are designed in order to allow a server cabinet to house a range of IT, power and cooling equipment.

When ordering cabinets they can be supplied in kit-form (flat-packed) for assembly on site or as completely assembled units. If you order a server cabinet in kit-form our projects team can provide an assembly service onsite.

If you order a fully assembled server cabinet, please ensure the cabinet will fit through your doorways and into the space you have allocated within your server room or datacentre environment. 800mm wide cabinets are generally too wide to pass through standard doorways.

Please let us know if you need a site survey and this is recommended if you have standard doorways and/or need to consider lift access, stairways or hard to get to locations.

Cabinet Dimensions

Our standard range cabinet depths include 900, 1000 and 1200mm with widths of 600 and 800mm. The maximum internal depth usage is typically 770mm on 900mm deep cabinets, 870mm on the 1000mm deep cabinets and 1070 on the 1200mm deep cabinets.

All heights typically include castors (60-70mm) dependent upon the U-size of the cabinet. 1U is equal to 1.75inches or 44.45mm.

Bespoke Cabinet Designs

Please let us know if you need a bespoke cabinet design or would like us to quote for a modification to one of our standard racks or cabinets. Our UK manufacturing partner can tailor our cabinet ranges with modifications to suit your project requirements in terms of access, cabling, cooling, colours or other custom requirements.

Cabinet Paint Colours

Our standard cabinet paint finishes include matt black or matt light grey finish. Our projects team can also arrange for special project colours and finishes.

For more information on our server cabinets range please contact our projects team.