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Micro Data Centres for Edge and IoT Applications

A Micro Data Centre is a self-contained datacentre or server room environment in a rack cabinet or arrangement of cabinets. Also known an MDC, the solution contains everything needed for easy deployment including power protection, cooling and connectivity. Micro Data Centres provide an on-site data processing facility exactly where it is needed and can be a standalone solution or connected to a wider IT network and Cloud datacentre environment.

APC Easy Micro Data Centers

The APC C-Series and S-Series Easy Micro Data Center solutions combine power, cooling, monitoring and essential accessories into a single rack enclosure that can make simplify installation and deployment on site in a an easy to order package. The C-Series and S-Series are available in 24U and 42U sized enclosures, optimised for business operations at the edge of your IT network. The C-Series is for deployment in commercial applications and the S-Series is made for standard IT environments.

Features / Model EMDC24U3KP2 EMDC24U3KP2V EMDC42U6KP2 EMDC42U6KP2V
Series C-Series S-Series C-Series S-Series
Enclosure Size 1228Hx600Wx1000Dmm 2020Hx600Wx1200Dmm
Overall Rack Size 24U 24U 42U 42U
Available U Space 11U 16U 28U 33U
IT System Capacity up to 2.4kW up to 3kW
Rackmount UPS online 3kVA online 6kVA
Power Distribution Outlets configurable 16A basic or metered PDU; Basic, 1U, 16A, 230V, (8) C13 or Metered, 1U, 16A, 230V, (8) C13 configurable 16A basic or metered PDU; Basic, 0U, 16A, 230V, (20) C13 and (4) C19 or Metered, 0U, 16A, 230V, (18) C13 and (3) C19
Cooling 3.5kW split DX air conditioner passive cooling / ventilated door 3.5kW split DX air conditioner passive cooling / ventilated door
Environment Monitoring Temperature and humidity, door contact, alarm beacon, smoke and water leakage detection

Rack mounted fire suppression can also be built-into the cabinets to provide complete peace of mind.

APC S-Series Cabinets

the S-Series is designed for standard IT environments including comms rooms, small server rooms or network closets that requore a secure power and climate controlled, contained cabinet for IT servers and networking devices.

APC C-Series Soundproof Cabinets

The C-Series is ideal for commercial environments including offices, retail spaces, stock rooms, healthcare or education facilities, factory control rooms, and light warehouse spaces.

APC R-Series Enclosures

The R-Series is designed for rugged environments including warehouses, factory floors, processing plants, and other types of harsh locations. R-Series cabinets have a sealed enclosure, active cooling options, enhanced security and filtration features.

As an APC IT Solutions partner, Server Room Environments uses the online APC by Schneider Local Edge Configurator (LEC) tool to design microdatacentres which can be deployed for Edge applications to a remotely management server room and data centre exactly where you need the computing power.

APC by Schneider Easy Micro Data Center Features

On-site Server Room and Data Center Facilities

An MDC provides a cost-effective solution for sites where space is at a premium or the existing server room or datacentre cannot be easily expanded or reconfigured. Typical installation sites for this type of datacentre includes factories and industrial automation, retail and distribution warehouses, hotels and office complexes, universities and colleges, transportation and security infrastructures. All that is needed for an MDC to be installed are connections to a local:

  • mains power supply for the built-in uninterruptible power supply
  • pipework and ducting access or ventilation for the built-in air conditioning system
  • IT network or Cloud access

MDCs can also be configured for harsh and remote environments to bring high power computing to the Edge of the data processing network. MDCs built for a harsh environment would allow for higher ambient operating temperatures and extremes, vibration and air polluted with corrosive elements, dirt and dust.

Custom Options for Micro Data Centres

Our MDC product range is focused on two 19inch rackmount cabinet sizes (24U and 42U), with depths up to 1200mm to accommodate compact server designs. The standard width is 600mm and the cabinet includes everything required to deploy up to 3kW of IT capacity. For larger computing applications our design team can provide a customised cabinet to meet your specifications including alternative U-sizes, and IT kW power capacities.

Each cabinet design has a host of features which can be extended through a customised design. Additional features can include branding and frame colours, airflow management including blanking panels for unused U-slots, access control, IP cameras and video monitoring, additional lighting, air filtration for air-borne particles, insulation and even weatherproofing.

The Top 6 Features Associated with Micro Data Centre Deployment

There are several benefits associated with micro data centers and these include:

  1. Fast Deployment: using a standard MDC design ensures a fast rollout for Edge applications. Using the APC by Schneider Local Edge Configurator (LEC) our projects team can quickly design a solution to the specific needs of a site including critical power management, airflow management and cooling, environmenal monitoring and security features.
  2. Simplified Design: standardisation and repeatable designs for project specific micro data centers saves time and effort by using preconfigured and pretested standard products that integrate easily and seamlessly into existing infrastructure facilities.
  3. Cost Effective: using the APC cloud-based website platform, EcoStruxure IT, provides remote visibility and management of the IT assets and reduces the need for on-site engineering staff and service visits.
  4. Security Threats: physical threats to in-cabinet devices is reduced thanks to the security built into each cabinet, including the cybersecurity provided through remote monitoring and management.
  5. Integrated Solutions: a fully integrated, prefabricated, all-in-one datacenter cabinet design with thermal management and a critical power management system, allows an MDC to fulfil any enterprise needs, rapidly at the edge of their IT networks.
  6. Flexibility: MDCs can be adapted to fit your installation environment and include low-profile wall mount, ruggedized, and soundproof options.

Our experienced projects team provides consultancy, design and project management to a wide range of clients. Where we cannot meet your project needs with a standardised MDC solution, we can offer a customised specification, designed by our in-house experts to meet your site specifications, budget and installation time frames. Please contact our projects team for a site survey for your micro data centre project.


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