Server Racks

Server Room Environments supplies a complete range of server racks and cabinets from 4U to 47U for standard office and IT applications to bespoke cabinets manufactured for roadside and extreme cabinets. The racks offer a number of options (product cabinet dependent) including case paint colours, front and rear doors and internal fixtures. Product delivery times are shown for each rack. Bespoke rack designs, manufactured in the UK are available upon request.

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Server Rack and Cabinet Height Conversion Table

The following table shows the height of a rack or cabinet in metric and imperial measurements. This is the internal ‘usuable’ height. The overall physical height will be larger dependent upon the type of rack or cabinet, its feet (which may be adjustable) or castors and cable entry points.

The table can also be used to calculate the total ‘U’ height of the equipment to be located in the rack or cabinet and how much space capacity is available for future expansion. For example total the height in millimetres (mm) and divide by 44.45 to get the approximate U height.

U Height Metres Centimetres Millimetres Feet Inches
1U 0.04m 4.45cm 44.45mm 0.15ft 1.75"
2U 0.09m 8.89cm 88.90mm 0.29ft 3.50"
3U 0.13m 13.34cm 133.35mm 0.44ft 5.25"
4U 0.18m 17.78cm 177.80mm 0.58ft 7.00"
5U 0.22m 22.23cm 222.25mm 0.73ft 8.75"
6U 0.27m 26.67cm 266.70mm 0.88ft 10.50"
7U 0.31m 31.12cm 311.15mm 1.02ft 12.25"
8U 0.36m 35.56cm 355.60mm 1.17ft 14.00"
9U 0.40m 40.01cm 400.05mm 1.31ft 15.75"
10U 0.44m 44.45cm 444.50mm 1.46ft 17.50"
11U 0.49m 48.90cm 488.95mm 1.60ft 19.25"
12U 0.53m 53.34cm 533.40mm 1.75ft 21.00"
13U 0.58m 57.79cm 577.85mm 1.90ft 22.75"
14U 0.62m 62.23cm 622.30mm 2.04ft 24.50"
15U 0.67m 66.68cm 666.75mm 2.19ft 26.25"
16U 0.71m 71.12cm 711.20mm 2.33ft 28.00"
17U 0.76m 75.57cm 755.65mm 2.48ft 29.75"
18U 0.80m 80.01cm 800.10mm 2.63ft 31.50"
19U 0.84m 84.46cm 844.55mm 2.77ft 33.25"
20U 0.89m 88.90cm 889.00mm 2.92ft 35.00"
21U 0.93m 93.35cm 933.45mm 3.06ft 36.75"
22U 0.98m 97.79cm 977.90mm 3.21ft 38.50"
23U 1.02m 102.24cm 1022.35mm 3.35ft 40.25"
24U 1.07m 106.68cm 1066.80mm 3.50ft 42.00"
25U 1.11m 111.13cm 1111.25mm 3.65ft 43.75"
26U 1.16m 115.57cm 1155.70mm 3.79ft 45.50"
27U 1.20m 120.02cm 1200.15mm 3.94ft 47.25"
28U 1.24m 124.46cm 1244.60mm 4.08ft 49.00"
29U 1.29m 128.91cm 1289.05mm 4.23ft 50.75"
30U 1.33m 133.35cm 1333.50mm 4.38ft 52.50"
31U 1.38m 137.80cm 1377.95mm 4.52ft 54.25"
32U 1.42m 142.24cm 1422.40mm 4.67ft 56.00"
33U 1.47m 146.69cm 1466.85mm 4.81ft 57.75"
34U 1.51m 151.13cm 1511.30mm 4.96ft 59.50"
35U 1.56m 155.58cm 1555.75mm 5.10ft 61.25"
36U 1.60m 160.02cm 1600.20mm 5.25ft 63.00"
37U 1.64m 164.47cm 1644.65mm 5.40ft 64.75"
38U 1.69m 168.91cm 1689.10mm 5.54ft 66.50"
39U 1.73m 173.36cm 1733.55mm 5.69ft 68.25"
40U 1.78m 177.80cm 1778.00mm 5.83ft 70.00"
41U 1.82m 182.25cm 1822.45mm 5.98ft 71.75"
42U 1.87m 186.69cm 1866.90mm 6.13ft 73.50"
43U 1.91m 191.14cm 1911.35mm 6.27ft 75.25"
44U 1.96m 195.58cm 1955.80mm 6.42ft 77.00"
45U 2.00m 200.03cm 2000.25mm 6.56ft 78.75"
46U 2.04m 204.47cm 2044.70mm 6.71ft 80.50"
47U 2.09m 208.92cm 2089.15mm 6.85ft 82.25"
48U 2.13m 213.36cm 2133.60mm 7.00ft 84.00"

For individual rack or cabinet dimensions including overall height, width and depth please refer to the individual product specifications.

Bespoke Rack Cabinets

We provide a complete UK design and build service for our UK made server cabinets, racks and enclosure.

Please contact us for more information on our server racks range.