Rack LCD Consoles

Rack LCD consoles include a keyboard, mouse and 17 or 19inch LCD console and may include an integrated 8 or 16-port KVM switch to provide a single 1U high platform for monitoring and control of an IT network from a server cabinet. An LCD console is easy to install and use, featuring ultra-thin screens and touchpad technology.

Rack LCD Console Uses and Features

Rackmount LCD consoles provide a compact way to manage IT servers and networking devices from the front of a server cabinet. They are typically only 1U in height to ensure that they do not take up much height and are installed using slide-in rails.

A rack LCD console helps to reduce overall operating costs. The units feature a built-in touchpad and trackball, therefore removing the need for a mouse (wireless) or plugged in a via USB cable. Power consumption is extremely low, typically more than 50% lower than a computer monitor (CRT-type) and therefore adds less load to the rack or room for cooling. Another energy saving feature included is that of automatic power down when the device is closed.

Connections include a standard VGA for a server or KVM switch and PS/2-type connections.
Other features include a cable management arm, to prevent cable disruption to nearby devices, quick release tabs so that the device can be inserted or removed easily with slide rails for square, round, and threaded hole racks. The LCD display can also be easily adjusted (automatically or manually) for brightness, menu functions and power indicator.

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