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24U Server Racks and Data Cabinets

The 24U server racks and data cabinets range from Server Room Environments are floor standing and include budget Value range models to Premium racks. As well as standard 24U racks for use in server rooms and datacentres, the range includes acoustic racks designed for office use with low audible noise outputs. Each 24U rack offers several options including flatpack for ease of delivery, front and rear door configurations, cable management, in-rack cooling, shelves, trays and blanking plates. The cabinets provide an ideal way to protect sensitive servers and IT networking devices and can be monitored for temperature, humidity and security.

24U Rack and Cabinet Guide

When selecting a rack or cabinet there are several factors to consider.

Rack Height

A 24U rack or cabinet can house equipment whose total height when placed into the rack is no more than 1.07m. Care therefore has to be taken when selecting a rack to make sure that there cabinet height is sufficient to house the IT server, networking peripheral or IoT device.

U Height Metres Centimetres Millimetres Feet Inches
24U 1.07m 106.68cm 1066.80mm 3.50ft 42.00"

For referrence 1U=1.75inches or 44.45mm.

Rack Width

The standard rackmount width is 19inches (482.6mm) and cabinets are typically available in 600mm or 800mm width. Most products will either fit to the front rack pillars using cage nuts onto flanges attached to the rack-mountable device, or slide rails running from the front to the rear pillars or sit on internal shelves or slide-out trays. Room should be left around the rack for adequate air flow and access.

Rack Depth

The depth of cabinet available range from 600-1200mm. Care should be taken when selecting a rack depth to ensure that it is suitably long enough for the equipment to be housed including any necessary space for cables (bend radius) and connection access. How to manage cables is important for any rack size for easy cable identification and to avoid accidental disconnection.

Open or Closed Racks

The majority of server racks and data cabinets supplied are enclosed rather than open frames. An enclosed cabinet with a front and rear door and side panels is more secure and will provide with more efficient airflow management.

If you cannot find the 24U rack or cabinet you need please contact our projects team.


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