Blanking Panels for 19inch Server Racks and Cabinets

A range of 19inch server rack blanking panels to help improve rack and cabinet airflow and cooling. These 19inch blanking panels and plates close open spaces in the front of server racks and help to prevent cooled air and hot exhaust air from mixing. Ensuring an optimised airflow management strategy can help to prevent the build-up of ‘hot-spots’ inside a server rack which can reduce server, storage and UPS performance and overall working life. Our 1U rack panels are easy to install.

Blanking Server Rack Airflow

Servers, storage, and networking devices generate heat, and this has to be actively managed in a server rack or cabinet. If the rack mounted devices have internal cooling fans, these will be typically designed to draw cool air into the front of the devices and to expel this through the rear as a hot, exhaust. This equipment arrange is standard practice for any rack installed device with an internal fan and is the reason why best practice cooling is to present air conditioned cool air to the front of a rack cabinet and to channel this using an airflow management strategy to the intake of the local air conditioner or cooling system.

Rack Blanking Panels and Blanking Plates

Wherever a server rack or cabinet is less than 100% populated, there can be rack panel sized gaps left in the front of the rack. These can allow the hot exhaust air to mix with incoming cooling area. Temperatures inside the rack increase, with the potential for ‘hot spots’ and the overall energy and air flow efficiency reduces.

Blanking panels or plates are typically 19inches wide and made to fit a standard U-size in height can be secured into position using cage nuts. A blanking panel can be easily installed or removed as new equipment is added to the server rack. The most common size for a rack is 1U blanking plate.

1U Metal Blanking Panels

The most common size of 19inch blanking panel is 1U in height. Metal blanking panels are the most commonly used but plastic is also available. Most blanking plates are available in one of two colours (grey or black) but custom colours can be manufactured and supplied to order. Bespoke panel designs are also available and are built-to-order rather than ready off-the-shelf.

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