Rack PDUs

A range of cost-effective basic rack PDUs with and without surge protection with a horizontal or vertical form factor for rack mounting in a server rack or data cabinet. The rack PDUs are available with UK 3-pin outlets or C13 IEC320 outlets. Input cable lengths include 1.8 and 3m and are fitted with either BS 1363 UK 3-pin plugs, C14 IEC320 plugs or 16A or 32A blue Commando industrial plugs.

Custom Built Rack PDU

If you need custom rack PDUs, please contact our Projects Team. We can design and manufacture a custom rack PDU to meet your specification, typically within 5-10 working days.

Metered, Switched and Intelligent Rack PDUs

Other rack PDUs available from Server Room Environments include Metered PDUs, Switched PDUs and Intelligent PDUs designed to be installed in our range of rack cabinets.