Vertiv GXT RT+ 3000VA Tower/Rack UPS

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The Vertiv Liebert GXT RT+ 3000VA Tower/Rack UPS is a 3kVA/2.7kW true on-line double conversion uninterruptible power supply from Server Room Environments designed to provide power protection for servers, storage and IT devices installed within a server cabinet. The UPS provides a continuous, high quality AC power output to connected devices without interruption when transferring from or to battery power. The standard runtime of 3.3m (internal battery) can be extended by installing up to 6 additional battery extension packs with the UPS to provide several hours of runtime.

The Liebert GXT RT+ UPS system is available in 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA sizes.

GXT RT+ UPS Features

  • On-line technology with two stages of power conversion
  • Wider input voltage minimizes battery usage
  • High output power factor = 0.9
  • ECO mode option allows improved energy efficiency (up to 95%)
  • Flexible form factor allowing for tower or rack mount installation
  • External battery cabinets with auto-detection
  • Intuitive user-friendly front panel LCD interface
  • Battery health status and replacement date prediction
  • Remote management, update and configuration
  • Easy to install, configure and operate
  • Vertiv RDU101 network communications card with advanced features

The GXT RT+ provides extensive communications for power monitoring, control, and preventative maintenance. The UPS has a network interface and serial connection to enable remote access to the UPS for power consumption monitoring and configuration of alert notifications.

GXT RT+ 3kVA UPS Runtime Battery Pack Options

Internal External Runtime at 50% Load
Yes 10.5m
Yes 1xEBC 42m
Yes 3xEBC 115m (1h55m)
Yes 6xEBC 234m (3h54m)

Runtimes are estimated.

GXT RT+ UPS Applications

  • Servers and storage devices
  • VoIP and IP Telecoms systems
  • Laboratory and scientific equipment

The Vertiv Liebert GXT RT+ 2kVA UPS system has a 2 year warranty and internal battery. An optional one year warranty extension is available.