AirFlow Sensors 5101

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The SL5101 AirFlow sensor is a calorimetric sensor that detects air flow above or below a pre-set threshold in a range of 1 to 10m/s. The output is a normally open (NO) relay contact. The sensor needs a 24Vdc power supply and can be used with ARES, Damocles, Poseidon2, SD-2xIN and STE2 environment meters.

Key Features

  • Sensor switches relay, when air flow rises above a pre-set level
  • Input Voltage: 24Vdc, 1VA (separate accessory)
  • Operating environment: minus 10 to 50degC / 0-90% Relative Humidity
  • Cable Length: 2m
  • Fitting: A mounting bracket is included
  • Dimensions140Dmm, 23Dmm

Sensor Inputs

  • Temperature Gradient: 5K/min
  • Pressure Resistance: 1bar
  • Gas Temperature: minus 10-50degC
  • Configurable Range: 100-1000cm/s
  • Highest Sensitivity: 100-400cm/s
  • Maximum Allowed Relative Air Humidity: 90%
  • Threshold Configuration: Potentiometer
  • Power-on Delay: 60s
  • Response Time: 3-60s
  • Ambient Temperature: minus 10 to 50degC

Sensor Outputs

  • Contact Rating: 3A (30Vdc / 250Vac)
  • Cover: IP65
  • Cover material: PBT (Pocan)
  • Active Sensor Area Material: Titanium
  • LED Indicators: 1xred and 1xgreen
  • Cables: PUR


  • Ventilation run detection
  • HVAC system monitoring
  • Wind detection